About Us

As Splash Events , we are pioneer wedding planners and event management company in Rajasthan with 18 years of experience in organising theme based weddings and social events. In the industry since 1998, we have been diligently working towards improving the way events are held in the city and beyond. Splash Events provides the best wedding planning, wedding event management services in Jaipur and in entire Rajasthan as we are the oldest and technically expert wedding planners here.

As wedding planners based in Jaipur and across Rajasthan, we offer our expertise in organising weddings or any social event related to wedding or even a baby shower. In other words, if you have a reason to celebrate, we make that celebration happen in the smoothest manner possible.

If it is a wedding you are planning, a sangeet, a baby shower, an engagement party, or any form of event...just about anything at all, Splash Events can ideate and execute your event with excellence. Splash events as one of the best event management agency, wedding planner in Jaipur and in entire Rajasthan takes up the responsibility to make the best happen for you.

Our Team

Rishi Singh (Co-Founder)

Rishi Singh has over 18 years of experience as an event professional in the entertainment and event industry. A first generation entrepreneur, Rishi gained experience on the field by conceptualising small events. Rishi’s vast experience as event professional is truly genuine as when he started that was the time, event industry was taking its shape. He has been there from the start and done everything on the field and behind the scenes and then he is an expert.

Rishi till date has successfully completed 2000+ projects, both small and big. He brings to the table his creative thought process, strategic planning and excellent communication skills. Rishi is in charge of operations and client servicing of Splash Events. A go-getter, he loves to be on the field. If you can’t find him at an event organised by him, you could spot him on the stage with a mike in his hand anchoring the show which he just loves doing. When he is not organising events or acting as an impromptu emcee, Rishi loves to sing, dance , explore places offering good food, and go on long drives with his wife.

Shalini Bhambhani (Head, HR and Production)

Shalini Bhambhani, a certified psychologist from NCERT has worked in various setups as counseling psychologist. During her tenure as Employee Counselor, with a IT major corporate in Bangalore, she pursued her Human Resource graduation from B-School XLRI Jamshedpur to gain technical and professional expertise in management. A B-School graduate from XLRI Jamshedpur, Shalini heads the HR and production team at Splash, since 2010. She is also in-charge of all the backend operations. Her job is to ensure the execution team faces no hiccups on the day of the event. Having managed events for an IT major in her previous assignment, she applies a process oriented approach to the work.

With her experience, of more than a decade, in various big organizational set-ups she makes sure that Splash Events operations as wedding planners are thorough professional.

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