Find a Wedding Venue

The moment your wedding date is finalized, the first thing to do is fix up a venue. But this is easier said than done. A venue is where you intend to bring in your guests from around the world and also you will end up looking at it in your wedding pictures, so it has to be just the perfect one. For that, you must look at three to four venues that fit your requirement of space, distance, look and feel. Do you want a 5-star wedding venue or a resort or may be a palace wedding in Jaipur or a luxury desert wedding in Jaisalmer?

Another thing to consider is how many functions do you intend to have there. Will it only be the wedding and reception or will it also host sangeet and other pre-wedding functions. Do you wish to settle your guests near by the venue or do you want the venue to also have stay arrangements? Splash Events n Promotions in their role as destination wedding planners take care of all these concerns and give you the option of some venues based on your requirements. You can choose the one that fits your parameters.

Destination Wedding venues in Jaipur, Tips on how to finnd a Perfect Wedding venue