Major services provided are wedding planning services and social events.

Splash Events provides the best wedding planning and event management services in Jaipur, as we are the oldest and technically expert event agency.

WEDDING SERVICES : They say Weddings happen once in a lifetime and everyone wants to celebrate it like there’s no tomorrow. The thought of an impending wedding makes you happy but the preparations can be extremely taxing mentally, emotionally and physically too. As one of the top wedding planners in Jaipur, the team at Splash understands the importance of this day when everything must go well, without any glitch. Once Splash Events, takes charge of a wedding celebration, we just let you sit back and enjoy the festivities while we plan, ideate, conceptualise and execute the entire wedding for you. Whether it is a three day or five day event or a single day, every event is treated exclusively.

Based on your requirement and budget, you can pick from below wedding services, we will make a customized wedding package for you.

  • 1. How to find a Destination Wedding Venue in Rajasthan

    It could be destination wedding venue in Jaipur or a destination wedding venue in Udaipur or even a destination wedding venue in Jodhpur or other destinations wedding venues in other cities of Rajasthan. How to take your pick from all the destination wedding venues in Rajasthan? (read more)

  • 2. Splash Events as your Wedding Planners

    What will be the job of Splash events as your wedding planner, why you should hire Splash Events as your wedding planner and where all in Rajasthan Splash Events can work for your wedding (read more)

Wedding Events Planning : The main and to an extent inevitable planning of all major wedding ceremonies are mentioned below. We will make the planning all these ceremonies a pleasant breeze for you.

Other Very Special Wedding Moments Planning : The special moments that make your wedding extra special. We at Splash Events will help you plan the below mentioned moments which at times go missed in the jiffy of wedding planning. Not to worry, we have, mentioned all those moments here and if you want to add we will be more than glad.

Wedding Season Always : In the land of diversity, we are fortunate that God has bestowed diverse weathers as well. As wedding planners in Rajasthan, we know and have experienced the distinct beauty of all the weddings and we will plan your wedding keeping in view the beauty of all the weathers, which is must as well. Let us see how we plan the weather specific weddings !

Wedding Logistics Planning : Weddings are meticulous organization and carrying out of an elaborate operation. Read more about the services which are instrumental in completing the smooth wedding planning execution

SOCIAL EVENTS All Indians have one thing in common and that is we all love to socialise. We just need an excuse to party. So, if you have a reason to organise a social event, as leading event mangers in Jaipur, we will make that party a super fun party for you. Planning a baby shower, birthday party for young or old, bachelorette party or a bachelor party, cocktail party, fashion show, Holi party, Diwali Party, Rakshabandhan party, card party, party after party, basically just about anything under the sun, you can always count on us. If you have a theme, we’ll work on it. If you want a theme suggestion, we have loads to tell you. Contact us and hand over your party worries to us. (read more)

Any event we take up the responsibility for, we treat it as our own, as if our life depended on it! The end result is an event gone well and applauded by one and all.