Wedding Dance Store

Wedding Dance Store is one of the most favourite project of Splash Events n Promotions.

What do we at our Wedding Dance Store?

  • We help the family members become fit, look extra cool and very suave in the most entertaining manner by teaching them dance based workout. Zumba classes is what we take and you do lot of masti, and become fit to look simply fit and beautiful for the wedding day. You can wear all your dream clothes that you have been wanting to with this work out, trust us.

How we do it?

  • We teach them dance and it is basically dance based fun work out.

Where we do it?

  • Wherever you want it. At your place or at our dance store.

Different products at our Wedding Dance Store?

  • We teach you sangeet dance, bachelorette party dance, spinster party dance, mehendi dance and baraat dance also. Why have fun only in Sangeet, after all, all other ceremonies are equally important.