Destination wedding in Jaipur,why-read here!

Let us know here,Why Destination Wedding in Jaipur  should be the choice?

  1. Destination wedding in Jaipur will provide you lots of real royal venue options
  2. Destination wedding in Jaipur will be good choice in terms of logistics of your event
Palace wedding in Jaipur will be a perfect choice
Destination wedding venues in Jaipur will give your wedding abundant aesthetic visual appeal

Below are the advantages that make Jaipur and few parts of Rajasthan a perfect place for Destination Wedding,

  • Jaipur and Rajasthan has lot of old  palatial heritage venues and  heritage hotels
  • Very good road ,train ,air connectivity from Delhi and entire India
  • International airport at Jaipur
  • Sand Dune Wedding in pleasant summer evenings and warm winter evenings
  • Rajasthan being a tourist friendly state provides lot of conveniences to the guests
  • Weather is perfect as it is not unpredictable which makes the planning very to the point
  • Delicious rich food variety available
  • Lot of sight seen options
  • Colorful place which makes the wedding venues all the more exciting places
  • Destination wedding industry has developed in Rajasthan which provides customized services to the guests

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:  25th Jan 2017

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