Catering in destination wedding in Rajasthan

Simplify the humongous task of Wedding Catering

  1. Wedding catering involves fixing the menu,analysing the cuisines and fixing the menu accordingly
  2. Other part of wedding catering is following the basics of serving the food

Read on to know  both these details of wedding catering.

If you are getting your wedding organized, the most challenging and also mouth watering task is fixing up a wedding caterer. We see it challenging as every part of India has vast cuisines and it gets almost a phenomenal task to fix the venue. To make everybody in your guest list happy about the food, also makes the task one of the most difficult.

Let’s have a look at how finalising the wedding catering part of wedding planning can be simplified. Knowing the gastronomical delights of wedding menu and catering styles is important as that makes food experience of your wedding guest simply perfect. At the same time it is also impossible to discuss entire Indian cuisine due to its immensity, we will pick one of the cuisines and discuss how it can fit into our wedding menu. The following wedding catering analysis can be applied to other cuisines as well.


Food arrangements in a wedding catering should be hygienic and properly organized
Food arrangement in a wedding

Here we will discuss a typical Rajasthani wedding menu,that is our favourite as well. Rajasthani cuisine has lots of varieties in starters, main course and desserts.

In starters one can serve once guests chhachh rabadi, chola salad, lal bair,dansaray. In the main course there lots of delicious rajasthani preparations one can opt like makkae ki roti with sarson ka saag,bajray ki roti with kair sangari ki sabji,rajasthani dal with bati and taporay which is green chilli ki sabzi, allu pyaz ki sabzi, shai paneer with matar. In desserts rajasthani kheer with maalpua or rabadi with maalpua,ghever of Jaipur,churma of Jaipur,misreemawa,jalebi with milk, rasmali,kaju ki katali,gajak, rewadi. You can ask your caterer to make you taste all these delicacies which will help you decide the menu and also the happiness it will bring on your guests faces.Our favourite is Gyan ji caterers in Jaipur, who make more than perfect food for guests and make it look like a real bliss to be able to eat sumptuously delicious food.

The other part of catering is serving the food to the guests. The basics to be followed when the food is being prepared and served to the guests should be taken into account, and these will just make wedding menu ideal and also exemplary. Below is our list of must to-do’s in wedding catering execution,

  • The place where food is being cooked should be neat and clean
  • There should be sufficient light and good ventilation for the cooks and their helpers
  • Hygiene part should be maintained , e.g. make washing hands mandatory for all involved in cooking
  • Make sure all the vegetables and ingredients are procured from the best possible vendors and are organically produced
  • The dresses of the waiters should be very tidy
  • No use of smokeless tobacco by any worker of the caterer
  • All the waiters and cooks as and when required should be wearing cooking and serving gloves
  • The other fancy part of wedding catering like exotic cutlery adds beauty, only when the above basic wedding catering to-do’s are executed by the caterer
  • Also look into the use of beautiful table arrangements to enhance the beauty of wedding dinner. This part can be taken care by your wedding planner

We consider wedding catering as the most exciting part of wedding planning and we will help you make this part of wedding planning yummy as well.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:  25th April  2017

Wedding shopping in Jaipur

Exploring places in Jaipur where the wedding couples and the families can do shopping

  1. Jaipur is Shopper’s Paradise for Wedding couples and their families also
  2. Have a look at few wedding gift options vis-a-vis Jaipur markets 

We all know by now that Jaipur is The Wedding Destination venue for all the couples tying the knot. With picture perfect beautiful, historical and heritage venues the place also offers excitingly great wedding shopping options. From A to Z of wedding shopping is available in the markets of Jaipur.

Jaipur a shoppers paradise for the wedding couples
One of the world’s famous city,Jaipur has all the possible ideations of bangles,lakh chudi’s

Let’s take a quick look where in Jaipur you can buy specific wedding shopping items.

  • For Bridal jewellery, people from all over the world visit Jaipur. Some of the best bridal wedding jewellery is available at Surana Jewellers, Dwarka’s, Jaipur Gems, Meghraj Jewellers
  • Groom sherwani and bridal lehanga is world famous. Jaipur’s old city areas like katla, Johari Bazaar, MI Road, have lot of shops which offer wide variety of wedding clothes. Zari ,Rajasthali are also Jaipur based designer studios
  • In Jaipur groom saafa has lot of range in tying styles. Jodhpuri saafa, jaipuri pachrangi saafa, kesariya rajputi saafa,kilangi waala lambe chhirange ka saafa ,all these varieties of saafa are easily available in Jaipur Katla and Chaupar market
  • Authentic ,true traditional bride dupaatta or chunari’s are available in old city area of Jaipur.Aari Taari chunari, kota doria kee chunari, bandhej chunari and you name it and you will get it
  • For return gift options, you can give Jaipur’s beautiful blue pottery which is created by local artisans
  • Few more options for wedding gifts are Jaipuri razayiaan and carpets.Indira Bazaar in Jaipur, has lot of shops of Jaipuri razayiaan which are very light weight and at the same time very warm also. Jaipur carpets are also world famous , carpets  have beautiful and rich carving that are done by local artisans of tonk
  • For Jaipur’s lakh ki chudiyaan,you can visit maniharon ka raasta where you get beautiful lakh chudi’s. The entire market is of chudi’s only and you can even get the chudi’s made according to specific design that you want

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:  12th April 2017

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