How to choose a perfect wedding venue

Selecting the ideal wedding venue is an important aspect of wedding planning, and with the guidance of wedding planning experts, the process certainly becomes marvelous.

Selecting the perfect wedding venue-is an art
Our choice of wedding venue-symbolic though-neat,colorful,green & bright

So, here are some factors on how to choose a perfect wedding venue

  1. Choose a venue in a convenient location.
  2. Also ensure that it is not sandwiched between other venues.
  3. Opt for a venue away from traffic noise.
  4. Select a venue removed from residential areas.
  5. Analyze the spatial layout of the venue.
  6. Ideal venues have both open garden space and a banquet hall.
  7. Prefer venues without fixed tentage, allowing flexibility for theme wedding decorations.
  8. Ensure ample parking space within the venue premises.
  9. Ensure that there are a few well-equipped rooms for the bride and groom’s families.
  10. Further,confirm the availability of power backup.
  11. Verify covered areas for food preparation and storage.
  12. Choose a venue with a well-designed architectural structure, combining heritage and modern elements.
  13. Ensure a proper gap between the main entrance and the main stage.

Now you know how to choose a perfect wedding venue thus involves a comprehensive analysis of these factors. Collaborating with wedding planning experts can further enhance the decision-making process, ensuring that your wedding venue aligns perfectly with your vision for a memorable celebration.

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Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 17th May 2017

Wedding theme ideas

Your dream wedding comes to life when guided by a perfect theme. Therefore, your wedding planner, armed with a huge number of wedding theme ideas, plays a pivotal role in turning your vision into reality.

  • Wedding themes should be ideated well in advance, either by you or your wedding planner.
  • A skilled wedding planner should provide many options to choose from.
  • Wedding themes are brought to life through strategic wedding decor planning.
  • Themes immediately conjure visions of beauty, thus enhancing the overall aesthetic of the wedding.
  • Professional event managers or wedding planners focus on theme decoration as the starting point for wedding planning.

Let’s revisit the roots of wedding decor—a realm of blue and golden, blue and white, red and golden, pink and orange, yellow and red, and more. A decade ago, the tentwallah hired for weddings gave choices, offering a narrow selection of colors and flower arrangements. With limited alternatives, one had little choice but to comply. However, this has changed for the better, thanks to wedding planners.

Theme decoration, basically, serves as the cornerstone of wedding themes, influencing every aspect of the execution. The theme imparts a comprehensive look to the venue, ranging from simple to complex. With a professional wedding planner, the execution becomes seamless.

Today, wedding planners offer a myriad of options for a perfect wedding theme. Moreover, the wedding themes move beyond the color combinations and flower arrangements.

So, here are some trending wedding theme ideas-
  • Rajwada/Royal wedding
  • Water/Beach wedding
  • Region specific wedding (for instance Kashmiri, Punjabi, etc.)
  • English (vintage) wedding
  • Fairy Tale wedding
  • Modern/Urban wedding
  • Adventurous wedding
  • Spring wedding
  • Eco-friendly wedding
  • Rustic wedding
  • Royal theme
  • Monochrome
  • Color theme
  • Sports
  • Jungle
  • Nature
  • Sea
  • Desert theme
  • Bollywood theme
  • Hollywood theme
  • Lights theme
  • Sound theme
  • Arabian theme
  • Hawaiian theme
  • Culture specific theme

The possibilities are continually evolving. As the host, visualize your dream wedding, communicate it to your wedding planner, and then watch as your theme transforms into the wedding of your dreams.

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 17th May 2017

Destination wedding decoration in Jaipur

Jaipur, renowned as the epitome of grandeur, is a hub for regal weddings. Moreover, the allure of royal weddings in Jaipur is brought to life through exquisite wedding decor, capturing the essence of opulence and tradition. However, to have a majestic destination wedding decoration in Jaipur, meticulous planning and attention to detail are extremely imporant.

Wedding decoration will require wedding designing by your wedding planner
Planning a royal wedding decoration in Jaipur will require a professional wedding planner
Here’s how to infuse royalty into every aspect of the celebration through decoration-
  • Destination wedding decoration in Jaipur certainly demands meticulous precision to achieve the majestic feel essential for a royal celebration.
  • The wedding decor in Jaipur should embrace a theme-based approach, reflecting the richness of the royal heritage. For example, themes can range from Royal Rajawada to Golden Red, Rajputana, and more.
  • The chosen wedding decor theme should seamlessly integrate into every aspect of the decoration, thus creating a cohesive and visually stunning ambiance.
  • Major components of the decor, including light arrangements, floral decoration, as well as fabric draping, contribute to the regal atmosphere. Paying attention to these details elevates the overall aesthetic.
  • Every minuscule detail, from table settings to ornate accents, plays a crucial role in achieving the desired royal look. Attending to these finer points ensures a comprehensive and immersive experience.
  • The details of the wedding decor, including the theme and specific elements, should be ideated at the initial stages in consultation with the client. This collaborative approach ensures alignment with the couple’s vision.
  • The decor ideation can strike a harmonious balance between traditional heritage themes and a contemporary touch, enhanced by the backdrop of melodious music.
  • Guest welcome and baraat welcome serve as pivotal moments in creating a magnificent royal wedding. These aspects contribute to the grandeur and overall impact of the celebration.

Embark on the journey of a regal wedding in Jaipur, where every detail, from decor to ambiance, echoes the splendor of royal traditions. May your dream wedding in the Pink City be nothing short of magnificent and timeless.

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 17th May 2017

Destination wedding decoration ideas

Wedding decoration involves meticulous planning as well as execution, starting with ideation well in advance and ending at the wedding venue. Destination wedding decoration ideas, in particular, require the expertise of a seasoned wedding designer. Let’s delve into the technical aspects that demand attention when planning the execution of destination wedding decoration ideas.

Destination wedding in Udaipur
White theme wedding decor at Udaipur’s destination wedding
Some points to keep in mind for wedding decoration-
  • Destination wedding decoration ideas need the skills of an expert wedding designer. Their ability to infuse creativity and cultural elements into the decor is crucial for a memorable celebration.
  • The budget plays a pivotal role in determining the scale and intricacy of wedding decoration. Whether low, middle, upper-middle, or high class, a skilled event manager can tailor the decor to match the envisioned ambiance within the specified budget.
  • Communicating your vision to an experienced event manager is the first step. Their role is to bring your dreams to life, thus ensuring that the wedding decoration aligns seamlessly with your aspirations.
  • The wedding decoration ideation commences once the wedding venue is finalized. The venue’s existing structures and features can influence the scope of decoration. Moreover, plain venues offer more flexibility, allowing the event manager to translate any dream into reality.
  • For palace weddings, elegance takes center stage. A seasoned event management professional understands the nuances of creating a regal and sophisticated ambiance, transforming the palace into a captivating setting.
  • Thorough discussions with the event manager are essential for planning every detail. From color schemes to thematic elements, these discussions lay the foundation for a well-coordinated as well as visually stunning wedding decoration.
  • Steering clear of routine designs is advised. An experienced event manager can elevate the decor, ensuring uniqueness and personalization, especially, without an exorbitant budget.

Planning wedding decoration involves a collaborative effort with the event manager, ensuring that every detail aligns with the envisioned ambiance. By considering budget, venue features, and engaging in detailed discussions, couples can achieve a wedding decoration that surpasses expectations.

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 15th May 2017

Planning a sangeet ceremony

Gone are the days when the sangeet ceremony was solely about the ladies; today, both the bride and groom prefer a joint sangeet night that promises a memorable celebration with family and friends. Hence, with meticulous planning, and professional sangeet ideas, the sangeet can evolve into the highlight of the entire wedding ceremony.

Sangeet celebrations have undergone a significant transformation, embracing a more inclusive and thematic approach. Today’s sangeet parties are no longer confined to traditional dance and song routines but have thematic elements in decor, dresses, and overall presentation.

The modern sangeet ceremony is a professionally managed event, often done by wedding planners who curate an engaging evening. Professional wedding planners include the services of trained choreographers to prepare and instruct non-dancers within the wedding party.

Sangeet ceremony in Clarks Amer Jaipur
Sangeet ceremony should have all the necessary fun elements
So, here are some key sangeet ideas for an amazing Sangeet Ceremony
  • The introduction of order in the event encourages greater participation and amplifies the overall enjoyment.
  • Family members, cousins, and friends can partake in group dances, selecting songs that resonate with the entire group. Also, choreographers assist in training and refining dance routines.
  • Even elderly family members can join the festivities with group dances to their favorite tunes, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared joy.
  • Wedding planners often recommend themes that integrate all performances, songs, and acts. This adds a cohesive and visually appealing element to the celebration.
  • Skits are a popular choice, portraying the journey of the bride and groom through various life stages. It’s a creative and entertaining way to showcase their story.
  • Close friends and family can offer surprise toasts to the bride and groom, adding an emotional and heartwarming touch to the celebration.
  • To make the sangeet extra special, consider personalized themes that resonate with the couple’s journey or shared interests.

In essence, a thoughtfully planned sangeet ceremony, enriched with thematic elements, choreographed dances, and surprise elements, transforms the night into an extraordinary and cherished event for everyone involved.

Author – Anu Bhambhani
Content writer
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 13th May 2017

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