Destination wedding planners in Jaipur-Why?

How important it is to have a Wedding Planner for a Happy Wedding Planning in Jaipur

Read on what makes hiring a wedding planner in Jaipur, so very imperative. Why you should go for hiring the wedding planner in Jaipur and not taking the onus of the entire thing on your own. 

  1. Jaipur is dream wedding destination and hence choices are galore in wedding planning
  2. Only a wedding planner in Jaipur can easily plan A to Z of your wedding planning 
  3. You get lot of choices of professional wedding planners in Jaipur 
Is it necessary to hire a wedding planner
Wedding Planners will actually manage all your wedding , with almost everything on their shoulders

Jaipur is the in place, most fashionable place for wedding, it is the world’s wedding capital, all to be couples plan of tying the knot in this beautiful place, destination wedding is incomplete with Jaipur not on its list ….we all know about this so very well as it is almost like a common knowledge. How to go about getting your wedding done in Jaipur sounds like one herculean task to you. The quick solution that strikes is hiring a wedding planner in Jaipur and it will be smooth. The other obvious question is , what cost it will entail, and reading so much about the city we all assume, it is going to be huge.

Once you pick up the contact details of wedding planners in Jaipur and float your query, you will know that they offer meticulously planned range of wedding services vis-a-vis the budget you have for your wedding planning. The other factors that will encourage you to hire a wedding planner in Jaipur are:

  • Wedding Planning is a well developed industry in Jaipur and you will get lot of choices of professional wedding planners in Jaipur
  • There are lot of vendors available here ,which makes the wedding planning execution simpleWedding industry is born here , so the wedding planners in Jaipur know all the nitty gritties of the trade
  • You got to be in a comfort zone while organising the wedding in the wedding capital of India and world, wedding planner in Jaipur can do that for you very smoothly
  • Only a wedding planner in Jaipur and from Jaipur can help you with perfect wedding planning
  • The last but not the least and most obvious reason, you get to enjoy the wedding ,when you have been able to hire the best wedding planner

Looking into all these aspects, we are sure you definitely want to hand over the job of your wedding planning in Jaipur to a wedding planner in Jaipur and from Jaipur.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:17th May 2017

Best wedding planners in Jaipur

The deep rooted understanding of sanctity of wedding moments is what defines a wedding planner & sets them apart from pack of   wedding planners available.

Wedding planner's experience & understanding will beautify your wedding
The blue sky,mountains and your wedding planner’s creativity is perfect combination for a happy wedding

Wedding planning is planning the most precious moments of a couple’s life.  The guideline for a wedding planner should be simple- this moment will never come back for bride and groom so just plan it perfectly. As wedding planners you should just see that absolute happiness on the face of bride, groom and their families is accentuated with your perfect wedding planning.  It goes without saying that the other professional responsibilities and to-do’s , a wedding planner has to follow.The very important part is coloring the blank canvas of the wedding venue with their ideation and execution of the wedding plan.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:17th May 2017

Destination wedding planners in Rajasthan

Weddings Planners in Rajasthan are many,understand how to pick the best for your wedding!

  1. The richness of all the wedding elements found in Rajasthan,imply the necessity to have a professional wedding planner
  2. For the why and how to find a wedding planner in Rajasthan ,read below
Wedding planners in Rajasthan should be professional experts and locals of the state
Wedding planner in Rajasthan should be a professional local native

Wedding and if in India , Rajasthan does come to our mind for the wedding venue . If we are already in Rajasthan, we know so many things but our knowledge about Rajasthan, as a Rajasthani and non-Rajasthani is same, that is minimal when we are doing wedding planning here. Yes that is the reality, when you get down to wedding planning in Rajasthan.

Wedding planning in Rajasthan requires a certain level of expertise as this place is full with heritage, culture and tradition and to incorporate the same in your wedding, you do need a professional help.This may sound fashionable and an in thing but, it gets more than beautiful when it gets executed by the professionals, that would be wedding planners in Rajasthan.

From list of wedding planners in Rajasthan, do select the best for your wedding planning. Few pointers that can help you decide this is,

  • Wedding Planner not necessarily , but if from Jaipur would help you getting hoards of options for vendors, which is must for the wedding execution
  • Wedding Planner has thorough knowledge of the state and is preferably from Rajasthan. Not to mention that a Rajasthani in his or her state can do the job close to perfect
  • Wedding planner is also a trained and experienced event manager with the addition of being a native of this place
  • Do pick the best after thorough meetings with your wedding planner in Rajasthan or event management company in Rajasthan

Hope this helps you in finding most appropriate  wedding planner in Rajasthan.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:17th May 2017

Destination wedding venues in Rajasthan-how to find one?

Finding a perfect wedding venue requires a structured venue analysis, we will tell you how!

  1. A wedding venue turns out marvelous choice when searched with the help of a wedding planner
  2. Read below to know, the exact typical features which will make your selection of wedding venue perfect
Selecting the perfect wedding venue-is an art
Our choice of wedding venue-symbolic though-neat,colorful,green & bright

The foremost of wedding planning is deciding the wedding venue. And this task of finding , wedding venues  is extra ordinary difficult. The easy options that come to our mind are hotels, resorts, open gardens, banquets. At the initial level these options appear to be fulfilling all the requirements, but when we analyse it further lot of aspects of wedding planning are left untouched here.

Below pointers can really help us decide on the perfect wedding venue :

  • Wedding Venue location should be at a  suitable place
  • It should not be in the middle of other venues
  • The wedding venue should be away from the traffic noise
  • It should be away from the residential area
  • The concept of space should be proper at the venue
  • The architect of the building should be prim and proper
  • The architect should be a combination of heritage and a modern look
  • Wedding venue must have open garden space and a banquet hall as well
  • Tentage set should not be fixed at the wedding venues, as that will help in choosing once desired theme wedding decoration
  • There must be enough parking space inside the wedding venue premises
  • Few rooms with all the facilities, for the bride and groom family, at wedding venues is a must
  • There must be the power back-up always available at the wedding venue
  • There must be covered area available for food preparations and the same for the storage of food
  • There must be the proper gap between main entrance and the main stage of the wedding venue

Few but very important points that can really help in giving the wedding a heritage , royal and a modern look.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:17th May 2017

More on destination wedding theme’s

Wedding theme’s are completed by the wedding venue’s decor and variety is the feature of  wedding venue decor’s !

  1. Wedding theme’s should be ideated way in advance by you or your wedding planner
  2. Take a clue from few wedding decor ideas here and learn how to create yours as well
Wedding planners in Jaipur at the wedding venue sites
Wedding decoration at Hotel Hilton in Jaipur

Wedding theme immediately brings the visuals of beauty. The scenic beauty which we all dream of, for the wedding decor needs strategic planning by an expert event manager or wedding planner.  When one delegates this work to an wedding planner the first task that is to be decided, with clients consent, is picking up the theme and which is what is called theme decoration.

Theme decoration is the starting point for wedding theme. All the rest of the execution of wedding planning is solely dependent on the wedding theme . Theme goes in giving a complete look to the venue.

Theme can vary from simple to something that sounds very complex, but with a professional wedding planner everything can be executed smoothly. Let’s have a look at various themes for wedding decoration which are in trend and which also give a completely different, an elegant look to the wedding decor.

  • Colour theme
  • Royal theme
  • Monochrome
  • Sports
  • Jungle
  • Nature
  • Sea
  • Desert theme
  • Bollywood theme
  • Hollywood theme
  • Lights theme
  • Sound theme
  • Arabian theme
  • Hawaiian theme
  • Rajwarah theme
  • Culture specific theme

This list of these wedding themes may be indicative but not exhaustive. As a bride or groom or the host, you just have to visualize what you want your dream wedding to be, pick up the most professional event manager, convey your dream theme decoration for him to execute!

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:17th May 2017

Destination wedding decoration in Jaipur-this is how you plan it

Wedding Decoration in Jaipur should be royal, read on How to make it Majestic

  1. Jaipur being the hub of weddings boasts of really royal weddings
  2. The essence of royal weddings is depicted majorly through wedding decor
  3. Perfect ideation of royal wedding decor includes fabric, flowers, lights & other microscopic details
Wedding decoration will require wedding designing by your wedding planner
Planning a royal wedding decoration in Jaipur will require a professional wedding planner

With Jaipur being a dream destination wedding, weddings here are meant to be royal, magnificent, and classy in all aspects. It is a dream destination for the couples tying the knot as this place exudes romance with the rich heritage it carries in the form of palaces, architecture, and hospitality. Validating the rich tradition of this place, weddings in Jaipur are always royal and below are the few pointers that show how can we make them turn into royal princely weddings.

  • Wedding Decoration in Jaipur has to be extremely immaculate for the majestic feel to the wedding
  • The wedding decoration in Jaipur has to be theme based
  • Royal wedding decor themes in Jaipur are varied ranging from royal rajawada to golden red , rajputana,and many more
  • The wedding decor theme has to be incorporated in all the parts of the decoration
  • Major parts of the decor are light arrangement, floral arrangement, fabric arrangement and also all other miniscule details that go into wedding decor
  • All these details have to be ideated at the initial stage in consultation with the client
  • The details of the wedding decor have to be ideated by a professional wedding planner in Jaipur
  • The decor ideation can be a mix of traditional ,heritage theme with contemporary feel with the music as a major add-on in the background
  • Guest welcome, baraat welcome are major path breaker for a completely magnificent royal wedding

Hope this blog gives you fair idea of how to make your wedding decoration in Jaipur royal in this royal land of Rajputs.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:17th May 2017

Destination wedding decoration in Rajasthan

Wedding decoration start with decor ideation way in advance and get executed  at the wedding venue site!

  1. Wedding decor’s creation  is role of an expert wedding designer
  2. Read below technical points that need to be looked into while planning the execution of wedding decor
Destination wedding in Udaipur
White theme wedding decor at Udaipur’s destination wedding

Wedding , how much we hide in our hearts , still we all want this  one time in our lives to be perfect. Amongst the plethora of things that makes this experience beautiful, the first thing that we all have to be very particular is wedding decoration. Wedding decoration is what hosts and guests reminiscence first thing after wedding.

Wedding decoration is without a doubt a herculean task and work of an experienced professional. We can just tell an event manager how we visualise our wedding and wedding decoration and event manager job is to execute it exactly the way we want it.

Below are few points that we should look into before finalizing the wedding decoration.

  • Our budget determines the wedding decoration. The budget necessarily doesn’t have to be high and can start from low-middle -upper middle-high class
  • What you have visualized and dreamt can easily be created by an experienced event manager
  • The wedding decoration ideation starts after the wedding venue has been finalized. If the wedding venue has set structures the scope gets comparatively less for decorating the venue
  • If the venue is plain anything that you dream off can easily be executed. Your event manager gets the freedom and space in practical reasons in a plain venue or garden.
  • If you are going for palace wedding elegance is the key in wedding decoration and which can only be provided by a seasoned event management professional
  • Detailed discussion with your event manager can help you plan all the details
  • Please don’t go with routine designs as with an experienced event manger professional the wedding decoration can be as you have wanted and not necessarily with lots of money

Just taking the above points into consideration you can very smartly make your wedding decoration very elegant.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:15th May 2017

Sangeet ceremony in destination wedding of Rajasthan,make it special!

It’s no more just about the ladies alone at the sangeet night. Both the bride and groom prefer to hold a joint sangeet night to enjoy with their family and friends. If planned the right way, it can be the most special event in the wedding ceremony!

  1. Sangeet celebrations have changed dramatically with changing times
  2. Today,sangeet parties are all about thematic-dance,songs,decor,dresses
  3. These thematic sangeet ceremonies are done by professional wedding planners
Sangeet ceremony in Clarks Amer Jaipur
Sangeet ceremony should have all the necessary fun elements

My first memory of a wedding ceremony still remains seeing my uncles and the other elderly men in the family gyrating on peppy dhol beats long after the women of the family were done singing and dancing on the sangeet night. In the name of DJ, there were guys anda gaudily dressed attractive lady from the orchestra who sang any number that made the crowd stand up and dance. That was fun!

Fortunately and unfortunately for some, the sangeet night today has become a professionally managed sequential fun night. There is some kind of order in the event now which means more participation and double the fun. Most people opt for a wedding planner who also offers the services of a professionally trained choreographer to train and teach non-dancers in the wedding party.

The closest family, cousins and friends can choose songs that they can all do group dance on. The choreographer can always hold training sessions for them. Even the elderly in the family can be a part of this fun night by swinging on their all-time favourites that go well with the theme. Make it a group dance so that they do not feel awkward going up on the stage alone.

To make it extra special, ask the wedding planner to suggest a theme and weave everything in it, all performances, songs and acts. A skit is the most popular of all. It’s one way to show the bride and the groom their journey through life by the way of performances on songs. Beyond this, there can be a toast to the bride and groom by very close friends and family. This can be a surprise for them.

There could be loads of other ideas to make sangeet night a fun and special night. A wedding planner can suggest more ways to do so.

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer, Splash Events


Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:13thn May 2017

Indian wedding ceremony, chaak-baath

Chaak Baath ,an Indian wedding important ceremony has its charm till today! Read on to know how chaak baath is performed!

  1. Chaak-baath is ceremony of giving gifts to the bride and groom by their maternal sides
  2. Chaak-baath is symbolic expression of love of the nanihaal,maternal,side of the families

Chaak Baath is a pre-wedding ceremony, usually performed in Rajasthani  weddings and in Marawari communities. Marawari community’s people are spread  over the entire globe , and in India as well. Marwari community is majorly settled in Calcutta, Rajasthan, Mumbai . In Rajasthan Marwari’s are originally from shekhawati, pali, godwad area.

Chaak Baath ceremony ,Indian weddings
Chaak Baath ceremony in Indian weddings is all about gifts

Chaak and Baath are two different ceremonies. Chaak ceremony is celebrated by the women of bride and groom families. Kumhari , which means women from the family of potter, gets mitti ka chaak and ghada at  bride and groom’s respective family’s.The women of the house keep mitti ka ghada on their head and do pooja of the mitti ka chaak with roli,moli,green grass and pray for the happiness of bride and groom.

Baath is another pre-wedding ceremony . This is also called Maayara.In this the maternal sides of bride and groom get gifts, fruits, sweets, clothes, cash, jewellery, chunari . All the gifts are given by both maternal sides, bride and groom  to the respective bride and  groom immediate family.Also bride and groom’s mother’s  get chunari’s by their respective brothers , and this is part of the baath or maayara ceremony. These ceremonies also has families singing managal geet .

The age old story behind this ceremony is also very interesting. Naani bai’s daughter who was getting married had no brother and went  to Krishan ji ,to facilitate her wedding. Krishan ji,gave gifts worth 56 crore to Naani bai’s daughter and her wedding took place.

Baath Nyotna is again a very beautiful and endearing custom and tradition of a Rajasthani wedding. Mother of both  sides- bride and groom go to  their respective brother’s places and give gud ki bheli (jaggery ball)and peela chawal  (yellow rice) as the first invitation for the wedding.

Almost the same traditions and customs of Chaak-Baath exists in other communities as well ,but the names vary.All these various pre wedding ceremonies make the wedding so very beautiful and almost heighten the happiness that weddings bring.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published: 8th May 2017

Ring ceremony in Indian wedding

Wedding ring ceremony should be celebrated with perfect romantic setting,know you all agree!

  1. Wedding ring ceremony celebrations should be intimate kind of celebrations
  2. Plan all the ring ceremony celebrations way ahead for it to be as beautiful as all other wedding ceremonies

The Bride and Groom’s journey as a couple starts with this Indian traditional ceremony, called ring ceremony. Ring ceremony is where the boy and girl exchange rings and these rings are almost a seal of relationship as a couple. In traditional marriages the ring ceremony is considered as an acceptance of the relationship by the society, family and also obviously the boy and girl to start their journey as a couple. In love marriages the exchange of rings is the romantic proclamation of the boy and girl to start their life as a couple.

Ring ceremony is usually a small get together of immediate family and friends. Ring ceremony celebrations could also have only the couple and nobody else. The celebrations depend on the how couple wants it to be in love marriages, and how the family wants in arranged marriages.

Wedding ring ceremony , an intimate celebration needs to be well planned
Wedding rings like these sleek and silky are so very pleasant

The couple can plan ring ceremony keeping in their mind and heart that from that moment on their life as a couple will start formally. This moment has to be special and can be planned in the most romantic manner, and also with the help of your wedding planner.

Here are few suggestions from us regarding planning the ring ceremony. You can plan the ring ceremony right before sangeet event. This will kick-start the wedding celebrations on a enjoyable note. The backdrop of the ring ceremony stage can be theme based-it could be heart, stars, musical instruments and books, anything that for you define romance, as a couple. Music and fireworks can also be ideated keeping in view the theme of the ring ceremony celebrations.

Our suggestion as a wedding planner to you  is that this is the most precious and important moment of your wedding memories , though  it is the most  brief  wedding ceremony, so plan it at its best.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:4th May 2017

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