Baraat Band

Baraat has to be special.Learn how to do that!

  1. In an Indian wedding Baraat is procession which goes to take bride for the wedding ceremonies
  2.  Bigger and happier the baraat ,the happiest gets the wedding.Read on how to make baraat extra special?

Indian weddings are incomplete without baraat processions which are all fun and entertainment with baraat bands.

We will start with the basics of baraat band -for those who are not fully aware of what makes baraat band such a perfect part of the wedding celebrations.


Baraat is a procession of all the friends and family from the groom side, with all musical instruments, songs and dance and the groom of course. This baraat processions reaches the wedding venue in all fun and celebration mode. With changing times, baraat bands have also become theme based. The look of the baraat –grand, royal or simple –is decided by the choice and taste of the couple getting married and also on the budget aspect.

Earlier times, which means in the last 15-20 years, baraat band was all about a big trolley which had lot of loudspeakers on it and a male singer singing lot of tequila songs and naagin style songs . Also, baraat band normally had 12-25 instrument players who play songs of all the eras in a coordinated manner under the supervision of the band master, on which all the baraati’s used to dance in their own unique dancing styles. In bands the new trend is also of Pipe band, in which all the members of the band play bagpiper instruments.

For those who are not fully aware of the baraati concept, baraati’s are the guests from the groom’s side who are part of the baraat procession.

The most loved baraati theme here in Rajasthan is royal Rajasthani baraat which typically has all the men as baraati’s wearing rajasthani saafa’s and dancing on rajasthani melodies. The groom in the baraat procession typically sits on a mare, or an elephant , or a buggy of horses, which was in old times used by the princes.

Baraat procession with all the dance and fun reaches the wedding venue , where the parents , family and friends of the bride welcome the guests , usually with rose petal shower .The baraat ends with the tradition of “toran maarna” by the groom. Toran maarna is a ceremony in which the groom touches the Lord Ganesha idol with his sword and then goes and sits on the stage with the bride.

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