Wedding destinations in Jaipur

Important attributes of Destination Wedding Venues in Jaipur!

  1. Destination wedding venues are in abundance in Jaipur
  2. Wedding planner can help you decide best about the same
  3. Read on the general features of these destination wedding venues which will help you decide better
Destination wedding venues in Jaipur are in plenty
Gate to the options of real destination wedding venues in Jaipur need a good research

With beautiful Destination weddings happening in Jaipur, it get a dream for so many couples to tie the knot in this land, rich with heritage and culture. All of you, with a fair understanding of wedding planning know that same can be done by taking services of a wedding planner. The foremost task in this process is to first freeze on the wedding venue.  As all other major wedding planning depends upon the destination wedding venue that you have finalized .

Shortlisting and freezing Destination wedding Venue in Jaipur is a task with lots of analysis, research and venue recees .There are lot of heritage properties, palaces in Jaipur which are like hundreds of years old. Then you will find, palaces which are turned into four or five star hotels.   The third category is of hotels with an architecture that resembles these palaces.  Do not worry if it is sounding a herculean task. Finding Destination Wedding Venue, in Jaipur, has certain plan to be followed and you will be easily done with this first task with few tips.In this an event manager /wedding planner in Jaipur can help you the best. Also just look that your destination wedding venue has sufficient different areas for your wedding functions, it is a green place with lot of quality maintenance of the property.

Here is a pick of our few selected destination wedding venues in Jaipur. The first one for us is JaiMahal Palace .It is almost 250 year old palace, which is turned into five star property .The place is managed by Taj, so you will have no qualms about the excellent service that this place will offer to your guests. The lush green huge property will make you feel as if you have gone back into a princely era, if you plan to tie the knot here. RamBagh Palace is another gem in destination wedding venues in Jaipur .It has welcomed guests from Hollywood, Bollywood, Princes from around the world, Presidents of the countries visiting Jaipur. It is choice of real connoisseurs of life. This is again a Taj property. It is perfect in all the aspects, believe us.Another heritage property is  City Palace, which  is still home to the royal family of Jaipur and a part of it is open for the commoners as well. This small part of City Palace is so small that it can easily accommodate 1500+ guests, so now you know that how palatial this property this property is . The beauty itself of this place you can visualize with royal family still uses it as their abode. Sisodiya Rani ka Bagh is again a heritage wedding venue. This was originally gifted to Queen of Jaipur by her King. It is surrounded by hills and has green pastures, fountains all over. The architecture of this garden is not on plain land and it is artistically woven to give a feel of green palace with all the nature’s beauty to be savoured.

This is just a glimpse of beauty of destination wedding venues in Jaipur . To explore this place further you will have to brain storm with your wedding planner in Jaipur and then you can decide quickly on the wedding venue quickly.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:  14th Feb 2017

Palaces of Rajasthan as wedding destinations

The broad outline or step about planning a palace wedding in Rajasthan!

  1. Planning a Palace wedding in Rajasthan can be done smoothly with help of wedding planner
  2. Read on how to  get started with a palace wedding at the execution level
Wedding decoration with floral theme decor in a Rajasthan's palace
Plan your wedding in a regal way with a palace in Jaipur or any other palace in Rajasthan

Palace wedding term is almost a rage in wedding fashion circles. What we see, read and hear around, Palace wedding seem to be very knotty dream to be realized.It is for couples who will tie the knot and also for those who are already married as they look forward to celebrating their wedding anniversaries at these palaces.

As wedding planners in Jaipur, we can help you find how this can be executed and that also easily. Below pointers can be the guide for you to plan a Palace wedding in Jaipur.

  • Reach out to a wedding planner in Jaipur or an event management company in Jaipur and ask them to give you a list of palaces in Jaipur and Rajasthan, based on your number of guests and number of wedding ceremonies
  • After you have discussed the list of palaces with your wedding planner, go through them virtually
  • Once you have seen the properties virtually ,plan a visit which will give you glimpse of the palaces physically right in front of you
  • After visiting the properties , you can shortlist the palace properties which will fit your wedding event requirement and also budget
  • Once the list is done, you can sit with your wedding planneror your selected event management company ,preferably in Jaipur, and find about the decor options in your selected palace properties
  • After decor options , you also have to generate options of the entertainment part in your wedding ceremonies
  • Also don’t forget to make special the haldi ceremony,bride entry, groom entry, varmala theme, baraat welcome
  • Plan the theme for your wedding ceremony decor, entertainment part and all the special entries as this will add to the grandeur of your palace wedding

So if you want a  palace wedding in Jaipur  do reach out to your wedding planner and make it happen for you .

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

wedding planners in jaipur / wedding planners in udaipur / wedding planners in jodhpur / wedding planners in jaisalmer / wedding planners in rajasthan

Date Published:  6th Feb 2017

Proposal planning in Rajasthan

Falling in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Plan to marry the love of your life? Get ideas on how to propose your partner!

  1. Proposing your partner has to be perfect,period.
  2. You can plan for the proposal with your wedding planner,yes
  3. Read on the basic tips to design your proposal to your partner

Every woman in love wants to be proposed by her lover. Not just proposed but proposed in the most romantic way possible, just as they show in the movies. These days men too are happy to be proposed by their girlfriends. It’s not difficult to organize it if you know what you want to do. As wedding planners , we would want all the couples to have the most romantic and happy start to their greatest journey of life. We also strongly feel that married couples can and should also plan this once gain in their lives to bring back or enhance the romance.

Here are some interesting ideas to say Marry Me or Love you once again in the most special way to the love of your life.

Time, place, thing
The place where you propose must have some sentimental value for both of you. It could be where you spent most of your time together like the restaurant where you go often, the garden where you dated, the friend’s house you chose to meet, anywhere special for both. The time has to be such that you know both of you are relaxed and have all the time in the world for each other, may be the evening. You don’t want the most important time of your life rushed. As for thing, you know it has to be that perfect ring. It could be anything else too, but a ring is a ring for a proposal.

Plan ahead
Once you have decided the date and the time, you must start preparing much in advance. What kind of ambience you need, do you want a theme, and do you want to say it with flowers or champagne? As wedding planners in Jaipur we would suggest that you should take help in deciding or organizing, this special moment from an expert wedding planner. Your brief should be, ‘make it the best romantic proposal ever’!

Search Google and you will be flooded with ideas for marriage proposal. Go through them, get an idea and ask your wedding planner to customize it for you. You could opt for a setting with just the two of you. It could be a flash dance to woo the love of your life with her or his favorite song. Whatever it is, make sure it is customized to fit your situation.


Marriage proposal designing
Plan your proposal for it to be perfect moment! Pic courtesy: Pinterest

As wedding planners , we really really hope and pray that all the people in love and who are, look forward to, tying the knot should have the bestest marriage proposal from their partner and start the journey as a couple in the most happy mode.

Author-Anu Bhambhani

Content writer for Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:  6th February 2017

Groom entry in Indian wedding

Groom can feel like a king on the wedding day, we will tell you how?

  1. Groom has to enter for the wedding ceremony in the most impressive manner
  2. Plan the groom entry in the best way with the help of your wedding planner
  3. Read some ideas of groom entry and pick the one you like the most
Plan your groom entry
Groom entry should have all the fanfare
  • Red Carpet Groom entry has to be royal, what better way than to have a red carpet rolled over under groom’s pathway.
  • Princely entry He has to enter like a Prince, that’s what he is for the day and our team will create an overall ambience that groom and guests feel taken into majestic royal times.
Plan your groom entry with your wedding planner
Groom entry with royal touch adds all the needed spectacle to the wedding
  • Lights Spotlight has to be the groom, lights will be only on the groom and something more we can plan as per your choice.
  • Glittering entry   Groom entry will be glitzy with glitters pouring all around only on groom.
  • Flash mob Group of trained dancers and the group is huge almost like a crowd who welcome the groom when he is entering the main venue.
  • Auto Entry Groom Enters in a very simple manner in an auto but the real fun is auto is beautifully decorated and his friends are escorting the auto.
  • Entry sitting on any favourite animal The entry is made sitting on any animal of the groom’s choice, grooms opt for horse, elephant.

The list is endless and so is the fun.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

wedding planners in jaipur / wedding planners in udaipur / wedding planners in jodhpur / wedding planners in jaisalmer / wedding planners in rajasthan

Date Published:  7th April 2016


Varmala ideas

Pick a Varmala theme  and ,also, give an elegant feel to the entire wedding !

  1. Varmala ceremony can be made more beautiful by giving a thematic decor to the varmala
  2. Read on to see which are few popular varmala themes
Varmala is beautiful alwyas with age old traditional ideation
All time favourite red and white color flowers varmala


You can take a pick from here or can also get your dream varmala theme, executed by a professional wedding planner.

  • Jungle theme-in the midst of greens, bushes, loving creatures and mother nature
  • Universe theme- star, moon, sun, ufo’s blessing the couple
  • Sea theme-you love beaches but cannot go all the way to a beach land with your entourage, get the most exotic beach view created by production team of a professional wedding planner
  • Ring theme-varmala ceremony in the true ring ceremony style, take the entry on the stage with a huge beautifully created ring and complete the varmala ceremony
  • Book theme-want to tell your spouse how much you love him/her and the books in your life, let’s keep books as the background decor for this most special moment of your life
  • Heart theme-my heart goes out to you, what better way than to witness the varmala moment with expressing the same through varmala decor
  • Moon theme-your presence in my life is as beautiful as a quintessential full moon light, the moment when you are finally getting together should also express the same through moon theme decor
  • Floral- varmala moment has to be as pure as flowers
  • Spiritual- Let God’s witness the God decided moment

Your dream wedding will have a rich and complete look with execution of dream Varmala moment, as this “The moment’’ is God’s truly well thought blessing, which is rare.


Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:  6th November 2015


Indian wedding themes

Every bride and groom visualize their wedding to be magical and just perfect. A predecided wedding theme makes that dream come alive!

  1. Wedding theme comes out in totality with help of wedding decor
  2. Wedding theme is perfect combination of main & the paraphernalia decoration props
  3. Wedding planner can provide you the wedding theme options in galore
Wedding theme should be ideated and executed by a professional wedding planner
Use all your creative juices to decide on your wedding theme

Blue and golden, blue and white, red and golden, pink and orange, yellow and red and so on and so forth. A decade back, the tentwallah hired for the wedding made the choices for you. He gave a limited number of options for wedding decoration which majorly included colour combinations and flower arrangement. With no other option available, you would go for it. Fortunately, things have changed for so much better now. Thank God for wedding planners!

Today, wedding planners offer myriad options for a perfect wedding. The wedding themes move beyond the color combinations and flower arrangements to a more holistic approach. It’s like you are spoilt for choice.

We bring to you a list of some most popular and some unique wedding theme ideas.

Rajwada/Royal wedding
Water/Beach wedding
Region specific wedding (for instance Kashmiri, Punjabi, etc.)
Culture specific wedding (for instance Egyptian, Arabic, etc.)
English (vintage) wedding
Fairy Tale wedding
Modern/Urban wedding
Adventurous wedding
Spring wedding
Eco-friendly wedding
Rustic wedding

The list can go and on. Get your wedding planner to give you more ideas and you can have the wedding of your dreams!

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer,

Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

wedding planners in jaipur / wedding planners in udaipur / wedding planners in jodhpur / wedding planners in jaisalmer / wedding planners in rajasthan

Date Published:  11th April 2015


Would hiring a wedding planner in Rajasthan up my budget ?

To hire or not to hire a wedding planner…if this is the question that crosses your mind with an impending wedding, you have got to read this!

Hire a wedding planner for smooth and happy execution of your wedding event
Wedding Planners up your wedding event value and not cost!
  1. Wedding planner help in perfect execution of the wedding plan
  2. They  have the requisite expertise of doing a wedding
  3. Hiring a wedding planner will help you control the expenses of the wedding

When the idea of hiring a wedding planner surfaces in your mind, the first and foremost thought is how much the wedding budget will go up by. The feeling of letting go of all chaos and lat minute calls with a wedding planner handling everything is tempting but the money matters take over the better of you. Well, the truth of the matter is hiring a wedding planner does not shoot up your wedding budget.

A perfect, smooth, glitch-free wedding is the purpose of all weddings. A wedding planner makes it all happen within the budget of the client. If you have interviewed wedding planners for a function, you would recall the first question is ‘what is your budget for the wedding’? Whatever you wedding budget is, they make sure to stick to the same while giving you all the things you need. The budget would shoot up if you wanted something really specific which costs a little more. For instance, if you wanted roses for your floral wedding theme, the cost will be less compared to say orchids as a theme. Similarly, if you want a rotating stage, the cost will go a few thousands up in comparison to a beautifully decorated still stage. Of course, the only thing extra you are paying to the wedding planner is his service charge. Beyond that, your wedding is very much in the budget you have pre-decided.

Tips on how and why to hire a wedding planner
Hiring a wedding planner will keep all your wedding expenses in control

Just remember, a wedding planner is there to make your life easy. If you wish to know more visit for complete details.

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer

Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:  11th April 2015

Sangeet ceremony, the life of weddings

What’s an Indian wedding without some music and dance?

  1. Sangeet ceremony celebrations are different from what used to be 10-15 years back
  2. Today from,song,sound,decor,dance everything is theme based
  3. Read on to know,how to make sangeet ceremony extra special
Sangeet ceremony in Indian weddings are always full of entertainment
Sangeet ceremony sunniness is sparkling always

No wonder then sangeet ceremony is an event much looked forward to by one and all. But how does one turn it into a night to remember

In the times gone by, everyone at a wedding would look forward to the night before the wedding. It was supposed to be a night full of fun and masti with women in the family dancing away into the night with the shy bride. The menfolk joined in but much later when the party was about to come to an end. Last, but not the least, it was the dhol wala who ushered in the grand finale with the peppy fast beats of the dhol while the wedding party tried to match their steps with the beats.

Today, it is a 180 degree change. Now the brides aren’t shy anymore to shake a leg or two for their wedding. The boy and the girl come together before their actual wedding to dance with each other along with guests from both the sides coming together. Some people also turn the sangeet night into a sangeet cum cocktail night where drinks add to the merriment.

The best part of a sangeet is the theme which actually runs the show. It is no more about just flying in the best DJ in town with a disc like setting and some Bollywood numbers to dance on. These days wedding planners take care that this biggest party before the wedding is something that sets the tone for the wedding itself. It should showcase the history of the couple, their interests, their journey…basically a personal touch from the couple’s side. This reflects in the form of décor, dance performances, stage, gifts, food and just about anything and everything.

A theme based sangeet ceremony is also something that guests look forward to, for they don’t know what surprises are in store for them. So if you happen to have a wedding in the family, make sure your wedding planner plans the sangeet on a theme.

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer

Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:  23rd December 2014

Designer wedding invites in Indian wedding

Wedding invite
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest


The journey of a dream like wedding starts with the perfect wedding invitation card. These days designer cards are the buzzword. Yet, you must have your checklist ready before you meet your card maker

  1. First visualize your wedding card and then go to step 2
  2. Step 2 is write your specifications of your wedding card
  3. Communicate these specifications to your card maker
  4. Read below to know the general tips of a good wedding invite

The first step in connecting with people for your wedding is through the wedding invitations. These make the first impression of how grand or subtle the wedding will be. Search it on Google and you will be flooded with designs and information on wedding invites. When you feel confused, reading this might help you out.

Sort out your head: You see wedding cards and you go crazy with the kind of variety available. First you need to figure out what kind of a wedding you want, big or intimate. This will determine how your card will look like. Go through the wedding invites at the card maker’s to get an idea.

Go online: These days you have the option of creating wedding invites from the comfort of your home. Scores of websites offer this service wherein you can choose theme, language, font, etc., of your wedding invite. If you wish you can also send it to your guests online! Save paper you see.  

Select the font: The kind of font you use determines the beauty of the wedding invite. Sit with the card printer and look at the kind of fonts he can use. The choices of fonts are immense so take your pick wisely.

Factor in the theme: Have you planned for a theme wedding? Make sure that theme runs through your wedding invitation card too. So, if it is a flower theme wedding, you can get the same flowers printed on the card. When the guests reach the venue they would know if the card looks so beautiful, the venue would definitely be awesome!

User friendly: Your wedding card must be user friendly which means it must not be bulky like a hardbound book. The features you want to incorporate in your card must not make it look heavy. If it is meant to be very ornate and heavy, it must have a feature wherein post your wedding, the card can be used by the guest for decorative purposes. Similarly, if the wedding celebrations would continue for days with many events planned, don’t have separate single pages for all. You don’t want the guest to open the card and run to collect all the pages scattered below.

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer

Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:22nd Sept 2014

How to hire wedding planner in Rajasthan

How to pick up the Perfect Wedding Planner for your wedding!

  1.  Perfect execution of your dreamy wedding is possible with your perfectly hired wedding planner
  2. Read on to know the tips to hire a wedding planner

Wedding planners take the wedding stress out of your life. But choosing the right wedding planner is a technique not many are aware of.

How to hire a wedding planner
Best wedding planners are confident and know their job to the T

It is not every day you get married and not every day you have so many guests coming to witness it. A once in a lifetime event must be as ‘fairytalish’ as it can ever be. Hiring a wedding planner can always guarantee you the success of the wedding party. It then becomes extremely important to hire the perfect wedding planner. Here’s how:

RESEARCH: Make a list of the wedding planners in your city. Nowadays, almost every wedding planner has a website or at the most an FB page to display their work. If they don’t, strike them out of your list. The pictures and videos on their site will tell you how good or bad, glamorous or intimate their sense of style is. If they match your style, you can narrow down your search to a few.

INTERVIEW: Fix up an appointment with the ones you decide upon, at least three or four of them. On each meeting, discuss the weddings they have already worked upon, if possible see the pictures of the same. Share your vision about your wedding in terms of colour, theme, style, music, guest comfort, entertainment, etc., even the budget. If you wish to probe further, you can always ask for references who you could call up to check about them.

THE PERSON: A good wedding planner will listen carefully to you and then share his or her thoughts. If you can imagine yourself working with a wedding planner who is passionate about weddings in general, you have found the one!

The right wedding planner for you would have good communication skills and a good sense of humour to brighten up your stressful days leading up to the wedding.

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer,Splash Events

Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

wedding planners in jaipur / wedding planners in udaipur / wedding planners in jodhpur / wedding planners in jaisalmer / wedding planners in rajasthan

Date published:17th July 2014

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