Baraat Lavazama in Rajasthan

Baraat Lavazama in Rajasthan is a truly magnificent experience. In Indian weddings, baraat processions are an integral tradition, and their grandeur is on the rise, thanks to the creative touch of wedding planners.

baraat lavazama in Rajasthan

A typical baraat lavazama in Rajasthan is a spectacle, featuring an entourage of 50-70 individuals playing diverse musical instruments to the beats of traditional and Bollywood songs. The procession includes 4-12 majestic horses that form a royal buggy, with the groom seated behind them. A darbaan stands behind the groom, holding an umbrella, thus adding more authenticity to the regal display. Elephants, adorned in beautiful decorations, and camels, adorned with traditional gorband, are also prominent features. Special horses, with riders in Rajasthani attire and holding small bhaalas, dance delicately to the rhythm of the music.

The baraat procession is made even prettier with aerial fireworks, consequently adding grandeur to the celebration. An alternative and modern entry idea involves the entire baraat arriving in vintage cars, thus imparting a distinctly royal appearance. As the music plays, all members of the baraat joyously dance to different tunes. Here, the bride’s family warmly welcomes all the baraatis.

Baraat Lavazama is not only entertaining but also symbolic of the happiness and excitement within the groom’s side to embrace the bride into their family. As wedding planners, we highly recommend planning baraat lavazama in a grand and memorable manner.

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Baraat Band

Baraats are synonymous with fun, and a Baraat band in Rajasthan takes the celebration to a whole new level.

In an Indian wedding, the Baraat is a joyous procession that proceeds to bring the bride for the wedding ceremonies. The grandeur and joy of the Baraat directly contribute to the overall happiness of the wedding celebration. Indian weddings are incomplete without lively Baraat processions. Baraat bands add the perfect touch of music and entertainment to the festivities.

Here’s a guide on making your Baraat exceptional-

Understanding the Basics of a Baraat Band: For those unfamiliar with what makes a Baraat band an integral part of wedding celebrations, let’s delve into the basics. The Baraat is a procession featuring friends and family from the groom’s side. They are accompanied by musical instruments, songs, dance, and, of course, the groom. The look and feel of the Baraat, whether grand, royal, or simple, are influenced by the couple’s preferences and budget considerations.

Evolution of Baraat Bands: Traditionally, Baraat bands featured a large trolley with loudspeakers, a male singer belting out popular songs, as well as a group of instrumentalists playing coordinated tunes. Modern Baraat bands also embrace thematic elements and new trends. For example, a recent trend is the introduction of Pipe bands, where members play bagpipe instruments.

Understanding Baraatis: For those unfamiliar with the term, baraatis are guests from the groom’s side who actively participate in the Baraat procession.

Unique Baraat Themes in Rajasthan: In Rajasthan, the most cherished Baraat theme is the royal Rajasthani procession. Baraatis, adorned in Rajasthani saafas, dance to the tunes of traditional melodies. The groom typically rides a mare, elephant, or a buggy, reminiscent of the bygone era when these modes of transport were used by princes.

The Grand Finale: The Baraat procession, filled with dance and merriment, reaches the wedding venue. The bride’s parents, family, and friends extend a warm welcome, often accompanied by a shower of rose petals. The Baraat concludes with the traditional “toran maarna” ceremony, where the groom touches the Lord Ganesha idol with his sword before taking his place on the stage with the bride.

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Fireworks in weddings in Rajasthan

Fireworks can make weddings in Rajasthan super special. Celebrate your wedding in Rajasthan with a touch of magic by the splendor of fireworks that add a special charm to your festivities.

The fireworks used in Rajasthan weddings are unique—they are cold fireworks that illuminate the surroundings without emitting harmful chemical substances. This ensures a spectacular display of light that is safe for all.

Using fireworks in weddings requires technical expertise, and this is exactly where the skills of a wedding planner come into play. Wedding planners use fireworks in creative and diverse ways, and hence, turn your celebration into a grand and captivating event.

Fireworks in weddings should be creatively planned
Bride-Groom entry made extra special with the use of fireworks.
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So, here are some ways you can include fireworks in your wedding to make it grand-

For Sangeet events, the bride and groom’s entry can be made thematic with the use of cold fireworks. Aerial fireworks can add a burst of color during performances, creating a vibrant as well as enchanting atmosphere. Also, special effects like a waterfall during the bride’s dance can make the Sangeet ceremony picturesque.

Fireworks can be incorporated during the baraat procession, particularly aerial fireworks that add to the joyous and celebratory spirit of the procession. The Varmala ceremony can also become even more magical with the use of aerial fireworks. These fireworks create an illusion of the sky celebrating and blessing the happiness of the couple, thus adding a touch of romance to this significant moment.

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Groom entry ideas

The groom should feel like royalty on his wedding day. The entrance sets the tone for the entire ceremony. With the right planning, it can be a memorable and regal experience.

Plan your groom entry
Groom entry should have all the fanfare
Here are some groom entry ideas to consider-
  • Red Carpet Entry: Let the groom walk on a royal path with a red carpet rolled out under his feet. This creates a majestic ambiance.
  • Princely Entry: Transform the groom into a prince for the day, thus ensuring that the overall atmosphere reflects the grandeur of royal times.
  • Lights Spotlight Entry: Make the groom the focal point by spotlighting him, creating a dramatic effect with lights tailored to your preferences.
  • Glittering Entry: Add glamour to the groom’s entrance with glitter pouring all around, making it a sparkling and dazzling affair.
  • Flash Mob Entry: Enlist a group of trained dancers to form a lively crowd, welcoming the groom with a flash mob as he enters the main venue.
  • Auto Entry: Opt for a simple yet charming entrance by having the groom arrive in a beautifully decorated auto, escorted by his friends.
  • Entry on Favorite Animal: Consider a grand entrance where the groom arrives seated on his favorite animal, be it a horse, elephant, or any other animal.
Plan your groom entry with your wedding planner
Groom entry with a royal touch

The possibilities are endless, and the joy is boundless. Explore these groom entry ideas and choose the one that resonates most with your vision for the day. With careful planning and execution, the groom’s entry can be a delightful and unforgettable part of your wedding celebration.

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Date Published: 7th April 2016

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