5-Star Hotels of Jaipur as Wedding Venues

As we’ve highlighted in previous blogs, Jaipur is a beloved destination for weddings, offering various hotel categories as venues. In this discussion, we’ll focus specifically on 5-star hotels as wedding venues in Jaipur.

An increasing number of weddings traditionally in Delhi, Mumbai, or other major Indian cities are now shifting cities in Rajasthan. This is because of the perfect combination of comfort and luxury that 5-star hotel properties offer.

Let’s delve into why these hotels are great for weddings-
  • The ample space in 5-star hotels in Jaipur gives them a palatial appearance.
  • These hotels are cost-effective compared to their counterparts in other metropolitan cities.
  • The extraordinary architectural beauty of these properties is a result of the vast spaces available in Jaipur/Rajasthan.
  • These hotels boast a sufficient number of rooms to accommodate a minimum of 150-300 guests.
  • Every aspect of these 5-star hotels exudes a princely feel, thus providing a royal experience for the couple tying the knot.
  • A typical room in a 5-star hotel in Jaipur is equivalent to a suite in any other metropolitan city.
  • These properties, in fact, offer three distinct venues for various ceremonies—mehendi, sangeet, and the wedding ceremony.
  • Due to the abundance of such hotels in Jaipur, competition ensures top-notch services and reasonable accommodation plans.
  • These hotels prioritize safety with notable features, including grand entrance gates reminiscent of palaces.
  • Notable 5-star hotels in Jaipur include Rambagh Palace, Jaimahal Palace, Fairmont, Rajasthali, and Oberoi RaVilas.

In conclusion, your wedding in Jaipur, the land of destination weddings, will be a dream-like affair with the best planning services available. As wedding planners and nature enthusiasts, we always recommend Jaipur/Rajasthan for weddings, because of its consistently favorable weather—warm sunny winters, beautiful breezy summer evenings, and autumns that showcase the region’s beauty to the fullest.

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 7th November 202

Weddings in heritage hotels of Jaipur

In our series of blogs about wedding venues in Jaipur, we now turn our attention to heritage hotels. These establishments offer an exquisite choice for those desiring an intimate royal wedding. Thus, they preserve the rich cultural heritage of Jaipur.

Wedding in Chomu Palace,Heritage hotel of Jaipur as wedding venue
Heritage hotels of Jaipur are extremely picturesque
Wedding decoration in Chomu Palace Jaipur
Wedding decoration in the heritage hotels of Jaipur gives a surreal look
Heritage hotels of Jaipur as wedding venues
Lot of beautiful heritage hotels of Jaipur are wedding venue options
Chomu Palace,heritage hotel in Jaipur as wedding venue
Gardens in all the nook & corners of these heritage hotels in Jaipur will keep you mesmerized
Here’s why heritage hotels of Jaipur are a spectacular choice for destination weddings-

Unveiling the historical tapestry of Heritage hotels, each is a palace transformed into an exquisite retreat. Far from ostentation, these properties retain the essence of a bygone era. So, they offer an authentic glimpse into the cultural heritage of Jaipur.

These heritage hotels have no extravagant lobbies or modern interiors. Instead, they embrace the charm of the golden era. Adorned with age-old oil paintings, preserved mehrab-based windows, as well as Rajputi swords as decorative artifacts, these venues exude the regality of Rajputi rule. Carpets echoing centuries past also add to the timelessness of the ambiance. Baraat welcomes find a space in the form of a baaradari, where the procession concludes, and then the bride’s side welcomes the guests. Amidst the regal Rajputi hospitality, the bride and groom feel divinely blessed, stepping into a princely wedding.

Here are the names of a few heritage properties in Jaipur: Diggi Palace, Narain Niwas, Castle Kanota, Alsisar Haveli, and Samode Haveli. Conveniently located across the city, these hotels promise a unique blend of history and hospitality. To secure your dream wedding in one of these heritage properties, book at least 5-6 months in advance for optimal availability and cost.

The architectural grandeur and timeless decor, coupled with the warm embrace of Rajputi traditions, make these heritage hotels in Jaipur a magnetic choice for destination weddings. So, prepare to be transported to an era of grace and elegance, where every celebration unfolds in the lap of regal splendor.

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 3rd October 2017

How to plan a palace wedding in Jaipur

Planning a palace wedding in Jaipur can be an enchanting experience, especially with the assistance of a reliable wedding planner. If you’re considering the regal charm of a palace in Jaipur or elsewhere in Rajasthan for your wedding, it needs proper planning and execution.

Wedding decoration with floral theme decor in a Rajasthan's palace
Plan your wedding in a regal way with a palace in Jaipur or Rajasthan
Here are a few steps to guide you on how to plan a palace wedding in Jaipur-
  1. The key to a good palace wedding is enlisting the help of a wedding planner or an event management company in Jaipur. They can provide you with a list of palaces in Jaipur and Rajasthan based on your guest count and also the number of ceremonies.
  2. Review the list of palaces virtually. Take the time to explore each property online, considering the ambiance, facilities, as well as aesthetic appeal.
  3. Plan a visit to the shortlisted palaces. Seeing the properties in person will certainly help you make good decisions.
  4. After your on-site visit, narrow down the options that align with both your wedding requirements and budget. Discuss these choices with your wedding planner for further insights.
  5. Work closely with your wedding planner to explore decor options within the selected palace properties. Tailor the decor to match your vision for the wedding.
  6. Delve into entertainment options for various wedding ceremonies. Consider making the haldi ceremony, bride and groom entries, varmala theme, and baraat welcome special and memorable.
  7. Collaborate with your wedding planner to establish a cohesive theme for the overall wedding ceremony decor, entertainment segments, and special entries. A well-thought-out theme can enhance the grandeur of your palace wedding.
  8. Pay special attention to the details of your wedding ceremonies. Discuss and plan the intricate aspects such as the theme for each ceremony, entertainment options, and the entrances of the bride and groom.

If a palace wedding in Jaipur is your dream, then connect with your wedding planner to turn this dream into reality. With careful planning and execution, your palace wedding can be a truly magical and memorable experience.

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 6th Feb 2017

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