Wedding shopping in Jaipur

Exploring places in Jaipur where the wedding couples and the families can do shopping

  1. Jaipur is Shopper’s Paradise for Wedding couples and their families also
  2. Have a look at few wedding gift options vis-a-vis Jaipur markets 

We all know by now that Jaipur is The Wedding Destination venue for all the couples tying the knot. With picture perfect beautiful, historical and heritage venues the place also offers excitingly great wedding shopping options. From A to Z of wedding shopping is available in the markets of Jaipur.

Jaipur a shoppers paradise for the wedding couples
One of the world’s famous city,Jaipur has all the possible ideations of bangles,lakh chudi’s

Let’s take a quick look where in Jaipur you can buy specific wedding shopping items.

  • For Bridal jewellery, people from all over the world visit Jaipur. Some of the best bridal wedding jewellery is available at Surana Jewellers, Dwarka’s, Jaipur Gems, Meghraj Jewellers
  • Groom sherwani and bridal lehanga is world famous. Jaipur’s old city areas like katla, Johari Bazaar, MI Road, have lot of shops which offer wide variety of wedding clothes. Zari ,Rajasthali are also Jaipur based designer studios
  • In Jaipur groom saafa has lot of range in tying styles. Jodhpuri saafa, jaipuri pachrangi saafa, kesariya rajputi saafa,kilangi waala lambe chhirange ka saafa ,all these varieties of saafa are easily available in Jaipur Katla and Chaupar market
  • Authentic ,true traditional bride dupaatta or chunari’s are available in old city area of Jaipur.Aari Taari chunari, kota doria kee chunari, bandhej chunari and you name it and you will get it
  • For return gift options, you can give Jaipur’s beautiful blue pottery which is created by local artisans
  • Few more options for wedding gifts are Jaipuri razayiaan and carpets.Indira Bazaar in Jaipur, has lot of shops of Jaipuri razayiaan which are very light weight and at the same time very warm also. Jaipur carpets are also world famous , carpets  have beautiful and rich carving that are done by local artisans of tonk
  • For Jaipur’s lakh ki chudiyaan,you can visit maniharon ka raasta where you get beautiful lakh chudi’s. The entire market is of chudi’s only and you can even get the chudi’s made according to specific design that you want

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date Published:  12th April 2017

Bride entry in destination weddings of Rajasthan

Bride Entry Ideas!Need ideas for Indian bride entrance? Read on to take your pick

 1. Bride entry has to be prominent as it is a entering a new life almost

2. Few simple creative additions can make the bride entry look beyond regular

Bride entry has to be special
Traditional floral chaddar, in bride entry

Here are a few Indian bridal entry ideas that you could take your pick from:

Flower magic: Dressed like a princess (obviously!), bride can enter with flower petals strewn all over the path she will walk. Better still, there could be a tunnel of nothing but fresh flowers through which she will walk to her groom.

Carried in carriage: In traditional Indian weddings, it is the gorgeously done up doli in which the bride can make her grand entry. If you wish, it could be a carriage drawn by elegant four white horses. After all, why should boys have all the fun?
Caaaar: Yep. It could be a stretched out limousine or a royal vintage car that can carry the bride straight up to the altar. Truly magnificent!
Ethereal: Your idea of romance is soft and simple? Well, then how about traditional lamps lighting up the way the bride is supposed to enter, accompanied by no one but the bride herself, looking ethereal and glowing like the beautiful lamps…
Music all the way: Remember movie Main Hoon Na when Shahrukh Khan starts hearing music being played by a band whenever he sees his ladylove Sushmita Sen? You could try that too! The moment dressed as a bride you enter, it will be music all around…could be melodies of the sitar or beats of the drum, played by a band LIVE!
Zara hatke: If the regular bores you and you wanna have some fun, why not go the Gul Panag way who had a cool bike escorting her at her wedding. You too could drive in, Roadie style albeit dressed in the best wedding attire the world has ever seen.

The choice is yours. And, there could be much much more! Whatever you decide, just keep it a surprise for your groom and his family. You don’t want to miss their expressions when they see the future lady-of-the-house make a statement of sorts with her great grand bridal entry!

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer,

Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Date published:15th July 2014

D-day dress for the Bride

Stuck on red, pink and maroon as your Indian bridal wear? Look beyond the traditional colours and you are spoilt for choice

Read on How you can decide on making bride’s d-day dress unique?

1. Bride’s dress has to be beautiful , picture perfect & very different

2.It can be unique, by usage of trendy colors

Bride lehenga ideas
Resplendent peech color gives bride’s lehenga a unique look!

It’s that time of a lifetime when all eyes are on you. As a bride you should be happy, ecstatic but you are tense, nervous wondering if ‘I look alright’? This thought overwhelms every bride across the world in every culture. Not your fault babes. Since our childhood, as little girls most of us have already decided what we are going to wear on our wedding. For some it is a deep red lehnga, for others it is a Banarasi magenta sari and for several others it is a bright pink one. Beautiful colours these sure are, but then hasn’t every single Indian bride worn these colours for her wedding over the years? Further, on your wedding day, you’d see every married woman wearing the same coloured dresses saved from their bridal trousseau.

Bride's dress ideas
Yellow lehenga is so perefctly royal

Are you looking for a change in your wedding attire?Worry not for the fashion fraternity too declares that white is the new red for the bride or green or orange and so on and so forth. Top designers in recent years have altered the way bridal dresses were imagined. In fact, in the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014, designers Shyamal and Bhumika presented their floral bridal collection which showcased gorgeous shades of beige, peach, wine, brown, aqua, among others. Even Gaurang Shah’s collection Chandbali was an ode to the modern bride with royal ethnic designs in colours like sabz green, narangi orange, zard yellow and the like.
If you belong to Rajasthan or a similar traditional culture, you’ll be raising a lot of brows for defying the tradition but then your wedding is your wedding and you know what would look best on you. And, don’t worry for you are the bride. No matter what colour you wear on your wedding day, you will be the only one the camera would want to capture. So, if you too decide to get into the mood to experiment, don’t hold yourself back!

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer,Splash Events

Splash Events, The Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Published on:15th July 2014



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