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Planning wedding catering involves finalizing the menu, deciding cuisines, as well as ensuring great food service. Selecting a wedding caterer can be both challenging and delightful. With India’s diverse culinary landscape, choosing the right venue becomes a big task. Moreover, making every guest on your list happy with the food adds to the complexity.

So, let’s see how to simplify the wedding catering process. Understanding the gastronomic delights and catering styles is crucial for a perfect dining experience. While it’s impossible to cover the entirety of Indian cuisine, we’ll focus on one—Rajasthani cuisine—and discuss how it can fit into your wedding menu. The same analysis can be applied to other cuisines.

For a typical Rajasthani wedding menu, known for its variety, consider the following-

  • Starters: Chhachh Rabadi, Chola Salad, Lal Bair, Dansaray.
  • Main Course: Makkae Ki Roti with Sarson Ka Saag, Bajray Ki Roti with Kair Sangari Ki Sabji, Rajasthani Dal with Bati, and Taporay (green chili sabzi, allu pyaz ki sabzi, shahi paneer with matar).
  • Desserts: Rajasthani Kheer with Malpua or Rabadi, Ghevar of Jaipur, Churma of Jaipur, MIsreemawa, Jalebi with Milk, Rasmali, Kaju Ki Katali, Gajak, Rewadi.

Taste-testing delicacies with your caterer can help finalize the menu, ensuring your guests’ satisfaction. Gyan Ji Caterers in Jaipur is a personal favorite, delivering more than perfect and blissfully delicious food.

Food arrangements in a wedding catering should be hygienic and properly organized
Food arrangement in a wedding
Executing Wedding Catering: Must-Do’s
  1. Clean Cooking Space: Ensure the kitchen is neat and clean where the food is being prepared.
  2. Light and Ventilation: Provide sufficient light and good ventilation for cooks and helpers.
  3. Hygiene: Maintain hygiene; make handwashing mandatory for all involved in cooking.
  4. Quality Ingredients: Procure vegetables and ingredients from the best vendors, preferably organically produced.
  5. Tidy Attire: Ensure waiters’ uniforms are neat and tidy.
  6. No Tobacco Use: Prohibit the use of tobacco by any catering staff.
  7. Gloves Usage: Require cooks and waiters to wear cooking and serving gloves when necessary.

These basics, when executed, create an ideal wedding menu. Additionally, consider beautiful table arrangements and exotic cutlery to enhance the dining, a task that can be managed by your wedding planner.

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 25th April, 2017

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