Proposal planning

Falling in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Embarking on the journey of marriage begins with a magical proposal. It’s a moment that should be perfect, capturing the essence of your love story. If you’re planning to propose to the love of your life, meticulous planning is key, and involving a wedding planner can make the experience even more extraordinary.

Marriage proposal designing
Plan your proposal for it to be perfect moment! Pic courtesy: Pinterest

Experiencing a romantic proposal is a dream for many women deeply in love. Interestingly, in newer times, men are equally thrilled to be proposed to by their girlfriends. Organizing a dream proposal is not difficult if you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. We believe that even married couples should consider planning another proposal to rekindle and amplify the romance in their lives. Here are some basic tips to help you design a proposal that your partner will cherish-

Time, place, thing

The place where you propose must have some sentimental value for both of you. It could be where you spent most of your time together like the restaurant where you go often, the garden where you dated, the friend’s house you chose to meet, anywhere special for both. The time has to be such that you know both of you are relaxed and have all the time in the world for each other, maybe the evening. You don’t want the most important time of your life rushed. As for the ring, you know it has to be perfect.

Plan ahead

Once you have decided the date and the time, you must start preparing much in advance. What kind of ambience you need, if you want a theme, or if you want to say it with flowers or champagne. As wedding planners, we would suggest that you take help in deciding or organizing this special moment from an expert wedding planner. Your goal should be to make it the best romantic proposal ever!


One search on Google, and you will have dozens of ideas for proposal planning. Go through them, get an idea, and ask your wedding planner to customize it for you. For example, it could be a dance to woo the love of your life with her or his favorite song. You could opt for a setting with just the two of you. Whatever it is, make sure to customize and personalize it to fit your situation.

As wedding planners, our sincere hope is that every couple, whether about to embark on the journey of marriage or looking to rekindle the romance, experiences the joy of the best marriage proposal. We believe that starting the marital journey in a state of pure happiness is a beautiful way to lay the foundation for a blissful life together.

Author – Anu Bhambhani
Content writer
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 6th February 2017

Groom entry ideas

The groom should feel like royalty on his wedding day. The entrance sets the tone for the entire ceremony. With the right planning, it can be a memorable and regal experience.

Plan your groom entry
Groom entry should have all the fanfare
Here are some groom entry ideas to consider-
  • Red Carpet Entry: Let the groom walk on a royal path with a red carpet rolled out under his feet. This creates a majestic ambiance.
  • Princely Entry: Transform the groom into a prince for the day, thus ensuring that the overall atmosphere reflects the grandeur of royal times.
  • Lights Spotlight Entry: Make the groom the focal point by spotlighting him, creating a dramatic effect with lights tailored to your preferences.
  • Glittering Entry: Add glamour to the groom’s entrance with glitter pouring all around, making it a sparkling and dazzling affair.
  • Flash Mob Entry: Enlist a group of trained dancers to form a lively crowd, welcoming the groom with a flash mob as he enters the main venue.
  • Auto Entry: Opt for a simple yet charming entrance by having the groom arrive in a beautifully decorated auto, escorted by his friends.
  • Entry on Favorite Animal: Consider a grand entrance where the groom arrives seated on his favorite animal, be it a horse, elephant, or any other animal.
Plan your groom entry with your wedding planner
Groom entry with a royal touch

The possibilities are endless, and the joy is boundless. Explore these groom entry ideas and choose the one that resonates most with your vision for the day. With careful planning and execution, the groom’s entry can be a delightful and unforgettable part of your wedding celebration.

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 7th April 2016

Varmala ideas

Selecting Varmala ideas adds a touch of magic as well as tradition to your wedding. Moreover, it increases the overall elegance of the ceremony.

The Varmala ceremony symbolizes the joyous union of two souls, while creating a memory that lasts a lifetime. As event planners, we understand the importance of ensuring perfection in every aspect, especially the beauty of the Varmala moment.

Varmala is beautiful alwyas with age old traditional ideation
All-time favorite red and white varmala

Over the years, Varmala trends have evolved, ranging from personally crafted decor to themes inspired by nature, culture, as well as tradition.

Here are some popular Varmala ideas that can contribute to the beauty of this moment-
  • Jungle Theme: Immerse yourself in lush greens, friendly creatures, and the embrace of Mother Nature.
  • Universe Theme: Let stars, moons, suns, and even UFOs bless your union in a celestial setting.
  • Sea Theme: If you adore beaches but can’t travel to a coastal area, let a wedding planner recreate an exotic beach atmosphere for your ceremony.
  • Ring Theme: Experience the Varmala ceremony with a touch of ring ceremony style, entering the stage through a magnificently crafted ring.
  • Book Theme: Express your love through the backdrop of books, symbolizing their significance in your relationship.
  • Heart Theme: Profess your love by adorning the Varmala moment with heart-themed decor, letting your emotions shine.
  • Moon Theme: Celebrate the beauty of your partner’s presence with a moon-themed setting, reflecting the beauty of a full moon night.
  • Floral Theme: Embrace the purity of the moment with a decor adorned with an abundance of flowers.
  • Spiritual Theme: Invite the divine into your ceremony, allowing the gods to witness this sacred moment.

Choosing one of these themes or working with a professional wedding planner to bring your dream Varmala theme to life will add a rich as well as complete touch to your dream wedding.

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 6th November 2015

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