Destination wedding in Rajasthan in the summer

Hosting a summer wedding in Rajasthan may sound paradoxical, but believe it or not, it’s an excellent choice for a destination wedding. This is because-

  • During the summer, Rajasthan offers refreshing breezes that connect you with nature, providing an escape from the artificial designs of technology.
  • With fewer tourists during this season, opting for a summer destination wedding venue in Rajasthan can be budget-friendly, allowing you to allocate resources wisely.
To delve deeper into the reasons for choosing Rajasthan as the destination for your summer wedding, let’s explore!

Summer, traditionally associated with vacations and family gatherings, often creates images of family holidays spent in new and refreshing places. The quest for the “coolest” places, quite literally, usually leads to accommodations with centralized heating, accompanied by a hefty tariff. Consequently, people typically avoid summer weddings, considering the characteristics of holidaying during this season.

Now, let’s examine factors that can guide your decision on whether to opt for a summertime destination wedding. We will focus on Rajasthan, drawing on our experience as wedding planners familiar with the region’s unique weather dynamics.

Summers in Rajasthan have breathtaking early mornings, with the sun illuminating the sky around 7 am, gradually claiming its space. Picture this: birds chirping, a gentle breeze caressing your hair and cheeks, creating a serene atmosphere. Evenings in Rajasthan stretch luxuriously, allowing you to revel in extended moments with nature. Imagine spending leisurely evenings in the hotel garden, appreciating the twilight, or swimming in the pool (without shivering). Hosting wedding functions in this enchanting summer setting add a distinctive charm to your celebration, thus creating beautiful memories.

The reduced number of guests to Rajasthan during the summer months can be because of limited awareness of the beauty of this region during this season. Consequently, the rates for wedding venues and properties are notably lower. The overall wedding services package is also economical compared to winter bookings, offering a stress-free and leisurely planning experience. With fewer booking-related hassles and a relaxed pace, you can enjoy a calm and joyful state of mind throughout the wedding planning process.

In conclusion, a summer destination wedding in Rajasthan promises a relaxed and blissful wedding experience for you and your guests.

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 23rd July 2021

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