Destination wedding in Taj Pushkar

A destination wedding in Taj Pushkar promises a serene experience, where the pure breeze from the world’s only Pushkar temple refreshes every moment.

Taj Gateway Pushkar, nestled in the oasis of Rajasthan, offers a peaceful setting with picturesque views. Managed by Taj, the hotel ensures impeccable services for its guests. Thus, choosing Taj Pushkar for your destination wedding is the perfect personification of traditions.

Situated on the outskirts of Pushkar, home to the world’s only Brahma Temple, the place also buzzes with spiritual energy from visiting tourists. Taj Gateway Pushkar gracefully embraces Pushkar’s serenity.

Here are a few details-

What captivates anyone is the hotel’s ideal location and of course, the Taj touch! 🙂 The perfect blend of traditional and contemporary architecture welcomes you into a lobby with beautiful paintings, vibrant Rajasthani colors, and pristine surroundings. The excitement heightens as princely gardens and a spacious pool surrounded by the Aravalis come into view. Since there are 80 rooms, this place is ideal for large families. Most rooms offer views of the Aravali mountains and the pool. Inside, discover features like a swing (jhoola), a private balcony, soothing interiors, king-size beds, a writing desk, classy bathrooms, and delightful cookies. Planning your wedding here ensures your guests are well taken care of, with ceremonies held in the garden and poolside, surrounded by the majestic Aravalis. The setting transforms your wedding into a fairy tale.

While winters are a delightful time to visit, summers are equally charming at Taj Gateway Pushkar. The pool is open throughout the day, thanks to the pleasant climate and also refreshing mountain surroundings. Evenings bring a gentle breeze, accompanied by the calming prayer bells from nearby villages, thus creating an atmosphere of peace. The attentive staff ensures you feel special, treating you to delightful mocktails with each meal. While we leave the property, we cannot wait to return.

Based on our experience, Taj Gateway Pushkar emerges as an ideal and comfortable destination wedding venue. Your celebration here will have class, comfort, and cultural heritage – an experience you’ll undoubtedly cherish!

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 20th July 2021

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