Baarat Welcome

Baraat welcome is an important part of a wedding. When the baraat reaches the venue, excitement is at its peak. Even we, as wedding planners, can’t hide our enthusiasm. After all, the groom’s side entering the venue dancing, shows that the bride will be going to a home full of happy people. And so, the welcome also has to be special.

Here are a few customary things that make baraat welcome in a Rajasthan wedding so special-

  • Most times, Baraat welcome in a Rajasthan wedding has a customary Saafa tying ceremony. The bride’s side welcomes the groom’s side by tying a Saafa to the heads of the men in the baraat. The traditional Saafa colors used are kesariya color (saffron), or pachrangi, which means five different colors. We ensure that the fabric of the Saafas is comfortable to wear throughout the wedding. Local artisans tie these Saafas properly, in the traditional way.
  • Pomchos, which are Rajasthani artisan-carved bangles, are given to the women of the groom’s family. This gives another impressive, royal touch to the ceremony.
  • The fun part is that, because of all this, one can easily identify the groom’s side and give them extra special treatment. There is a vibe of politeness, respect and welcoming everywhere in the wedding.
  • Red carpets and vintage cars welcome the baraat.

We think it is very important to sit with the family, and plan the most special, royal baraat welcome.

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