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Jaipur’s wedding destinations exude an age-old charm, and our seasoned team excels in accentuating this through customized decorations.

Having been in the wedding industry since the start, Splash Events boasts hands-on experience in catering to every nook and corner of wedding venues. Our journey from on-site tasks to establishing dedicated teams for wedding planning functions has equipped us to orchestrate seamless and also, enchanting celebrations.

Jaipur, often called a Shopper’s Paradise, holds its secrets closely. But, as destination wedding planners in Jaipur, we pride ourselves on being your perfect shopping guides, offering an insider’s perspective on exploring the city’s vibrant markets.

What to Shop for in Jaipur: A Glimpse of the Jaipur Shopping Extravaganza
  1. Blue Pottery and Razayiaan (Quilts): Jaipur’s renowned blue pottery and exquisite razayiaan are a must-add to your shopping list. Our expertise ensures you source the best of these artisanal treasures.
  2. Lakh Bangles: Additionally, the city’s markets boast the most exotic lakh bangles, adding a touch of traditional elegance. We guide you to the finest selections.
  3. Sanganer Print Kurtis and Bed Sheets: Explore the aesthetic charm of Jaipur through beautiful Sanganer print kurtis and bed sheets. We assist you in selecting the best from the city’s offerings.
Beyond Shopping: Experiencing Royal Fun

Jaipur offers more than just shopping; it also presents an opportunity for royal fun. Elevate your wedding guests’ experience with exhilarating activities like elephant polo and camel polo—a celebration of grandeur and spirited gamesmanship.

Cultural Riches of Jaipur

In addition to this, as a culturally rich city, Jaipur has earned the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. Our production team can showcase the intrinsic beauty of palaces and heritage properties, while also seamlessly incorporating them into your wedding celebration.

Ideating Cultural Fusion: Weaving Jaipur’s Culture into Your Wedding

Our team excels in ideating wedding ceremonies that seamlessly blend the traditions of Jaipur’s rich culture with your wedding customs. This cultural fusion adds an exquisite layer of beauty to your celebration, thus making it truly unique and memorable.

Choose Splash Events for your Jaipur wedding and let us unveil the festive splendor that this city has to offer.

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