Fireworks in wedding

Fireworks are a must at destination weddings in Rajasthan, because they make everything look grand.

In the past, including fireworks in celebrations was a manual job, but not anymore. Nowadays, fireworks create beautiful and special moments at weddings with the help of trained professionals. They plan and program the fireworks, ensuring they become an integral part of weddings.

Fireworks are planned based on the theme of specific events like weddings, sangeet, and the baraat procession. The sangeet event, in particular, features aerial fireworks, creating heart-shaped and musical instrument formations in the air, giving weddings a dreamy look.

Speaking specifically about fireworks in destination weddings in Rajasthan, it’s quite exciting. Let’s see how-

  • Rajasthan has vast landscapes. When you’re having your wedding in this beautiful destination (yes, we keep saying it because it’s true!), you get large open spaces around your venue. These spaces provide the perfect opportunity to include various types of fireworks. Plus, the large landscapes make fireworks safe.
  • Fireworks in destination weddings in Rajasthan look grand due to the expansive terrain of this place.
  • You can add fireworks in many wedding functions: toran, bride’s entry, groom’s entry, baraat procession, bride-groom dance, vidai, etc., sealing the wedding festivities on a bright and happy note.
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