Floral Wedding in Rajasthan

Creating a stunning floral wedding decoration in Rajasthan becomes a reality with our team of skilled artisans. We understand the importance of realizing your dream of a floral wedding in Rajasthan, and so, we are here to make it happen seamlessly. Flowers are an essential element in weddings. Therefore, choosing the right flowers is pivotal. Consequently, there are numerous things to be mindful of – the types, quantities, placement, and costs, and we are here to help.

We aim to simplify the incorporation of flowers into your wedding. In a typical Indian wedding, there are usually three or four important pre-wedding functions: mehendi, haldi, sangeet, and the wedding itself. Hence, each function comes with unique themes and a variety of flowers.

Floral decor specific to functions:

  • For the Mehendi ceremony, we use vibrant, yellow-colored flowers, especially marigolds.
  • Similarly, Haldi ceremony features lemon-colored marigold flowers.
  • Selecting flowers for these functions is a collaborative effort between a seasoned wedding planner and a team of expert florists. Marigold flower strings are strategically placed, draped with colorful fabrics like lehraiya, bandejh, green, and yellow, depending on the aesthetics of the wedding venue. Marigold balls are perennial favorites, adding grace to mehendi or haldi functions.
  • During the Sangeet ceremony, we introduce roses, carnations, gerbera, and orchids. Additionally, flowers are artfully arranged at the venue entry, on tables, and around the bride and groom’s seating area.

Weddings that stand out are those adorned with an abundance of flowers. From the wedding stage and entry gate to pathways, the bride and groom’s seating area, the food zone, table arrangements, and every nook and corner of the venue—flowers can enhance every aspect. In additon, a floral chaddar during the bride’s entry adds a touch of grandeur. The wedding vaidee, adorned entirely with flowers, becomes a favorite decor area for couples tying the knot. Crafting the Varmala with flowers and pearls requires the skill and dedication of experienced florists. As a result, it is a perfect decoration using roses, orchids, or the couple’s favorite flowers.

Splash Events excels in planning floral decor, by collaborating with world-renowned expert florists from Calcutta. So, we ensure your wedding decoration is a breathtaking display of flowers from every angle. We echo the sentiments of a beautiful Bollywood song: “Phir chidhi raat baat pholoon ki, baat hai ya baraat pholoon ki”. Splash Events guarantees that your wedding decor will breathe the enchanting essence of flowers in every form imaginable.

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