Groom Entry

The groom’s entry at a wedding in Rajasthan is undeniably princely. For the groom, the experience is of a superstar, being the center of attention, guests wanting pictures with him. This admiration makes the groom’s entry exceptionally memorable. We meticulously plan the groom’s entry in a creative and unique manner. This ensures that he feels special on his wedding day and cherishes the memories forever. The possibilities for groom entry ideas are endless, and the fun is boundless.

When it comes to a destination wedding in Rajasthan, the groom’s entry takes on an extra layer of excitement. It revolves around making the groom feel truly princely. One captivating Rajasthani groom entry we offer is inspired by the love story of Dhola Maaru, a famous couple in Rajasthan. Recreating their story, we infuse the groom’s entry with the essence of Dhola, using traditional Rajasthani music, attire, and playing authentic Rajasthani musical instruments.

Another regal groom entry option is the Lavazama. It is a procession featuring animals such as elephants, horses, camels, and people in Rajasthani attire, wielding spears and swords. This visual spectacle harks back to the grand processions organized by the Kings of Rajasthan during joyous occasions. Nature and animal enthusiasts will particularly appreciate this unique entry for the groom.

We also introduce the enchanting sounds of traditional Rajasthani musical instruments, including the renowned shehnai, nagada, algoza, khadtaal, and baankya. This enhances the groom’s entry. It also adds a delightful auditory layer to the overall experience, making the groom’s entry a sensory delight for all.

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