Varmala ceremony

The Varmala ceremony in a destination wedding is a blissful union of two souls, a moment etched forever in our hearts. So naturally, it becomes imperative to ensure that the beauty of the Varmala exchange is nothing short of perfection. It is also important that it suits the desires of the couple and their families.

As experienced wedding planners, we understand that the surrounding decor plays a pivotal role in enhancing this significant moment. From self-created background decor to themes inspired by nature, culture, or tradition, Varmala trends have been diverse. So, we work to make sure, that your Varmala ceremony is unique and spectacular. Here are a few ideas-

Heritage Properties as Backdrops

Rajasthan’s heritage properties are exquisite masterpieces, reflecting the passion of artisans. Moreover, the carved structures, meadows, and the amalgamation of nature make these properties ideal for a breathtaking Varmala exchange.

Strategic Positioning for Enchanting Moments

Our team meticulously plans the exact position for the Varmala exchange, so as to create a prince and princess-like setting. Standing at the tallest structure within these heritage properties ensures visually enchanting captures, but with safety as a top priority.

Fireworks in the Open Spaces

The vast open spaces in heritage properties provide the perfect backdrop for captivating fireworks during the Varmala ceremony, adding an extra layer of grandeur to the exchange.

Traditional Rajasthani Elements

Embracing Rajasthani traditions, the Varmala exchange can take place on a bajot. Bajot, a small wooden stool adorned with intricate Rajasthani carvings, creates a culturally rich setting for the bride and groom to exchange garlands.

Exploring Varmala Themes

Additionally, in our blog, discover popular Varmala themes that have been in vogue. From imaginative concepts to dreamy themes inspired by the love-struck couples, there’s a plethora of ideas to make your Varmala exchange truly memorable.

Let Splash Events be your guide in crafting a Varmala ceremony that transcends expectations, thus blending the beauty of Rajasthan’s heritage with your unique love story.

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