Sangeet ceremony, the life of weddings

What’s an Indian wedding without some music and dance?

  1. Sangeet ceremony celebrations are different from what used to be 10-15 years back
  2. Today from,song,sound,decor,dance everything is theme based
  3. Read on to know,how to make sangeet ceremony extra special
Sangeet ceremony in Indian weddings are always full of entertainment
Sangeet ceremony sunniness is sparkling always

No wonder then sangeet ceremony is an event much looked forward to by one and all. But how does one turn it into a night to remember

In the times gone by, everyone at a wedding would look forward to the night before the wedding. It was supposed to be a night full of fun and masti with women in the family dancing away into the night with the shy bride. The menfolk joined in but much later when the party was about to come to an end. Last, but not the least, it was the dhol wala who ushered in the grand finale with the peppy fast beats of the dhol while the wedding party tried to match their steps with the beats.

Today, it is a 180 degree change. Now the brides aren’t shy anymore to shake a leg or two for their wedding. The boy and the girl come together before their actual wedding to dance with each other along with guests from both the sides coming together. Some people also turn the sangeet night into a sangeet cum cocktail night where drinks add to the merriment.

The best part of a sangeet is the theme which actually runs the show. It is no more about just flying in the best DJ in town with a disc like setting and some Bollywood numbers to dance on. These days wedding planners take care that this biggest party before the wedding is something that sets the tone for the wedding itself. It should showcase the history of the couple, their interests, their journey…basically a personal touch from the couple’s side. This reflects in the form of décor, dance performances, stage, gifts, food and just about anything and everything.

A theme based sangeet ceremony is also something that guests look forward to, for they don’t know what surprises are in store for them. So if you happen to have a wedding in the family, make sure your wedding planner plans the sangeet on a theme.

Anu Bhambhani,Content writer

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Date Published:  23rd December 2014

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