Indian wedding ceremony-Gaalibaazi

Gaalibaazi sounds mischievous,it is  in a wedding too!

  1. Gaalibaazi is a leg pulling session between the family’s of bride and groom
  2. It is pure fun ,read on to know how to make it more exciting

Gaalibaazi is an old tradition of Jaipur which is also used in weddings, for the sheer fun and entertainment it adds to the wedding celebrations.

As a wedding ceremony, in gaalibaazi all the ladies of the bride side and groom side assemble at the wedding venue. Bride side sit at one side of any designated sitting area and groom side sit at another side of the same area. Both the sides joke with each other through various traditional songs and wedding songs. One of the popular funny comments that the groom usually gets from the bride side is that he will get to take his bride home only when he gets his ears pulled from his mother-in-law. Through these different old wedding songs, wedding sayings, and songs ladies of both the bride and groom side joke with each other.

Indian wedding tradition of gaalibaazi is a fun session
Indian wedding custom/tradition of gaalibaazi or more of a leg pulling session between the samdhis

In the end of this gaalibaazi or leg pulling session basically, bride and groom get blessings from elders for their future life.

Author-Rishi Singh

Co-owner of Splash Events ,The Wedding Planners

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Date Published:16th June 2017

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