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How to organize mehendi function in a wedding
Mehendi always colors you bright! pic courtsey: style craze

Henna holds a beautiful and sacred place in an Indian wedding and it is the Rajasthani style of mehendi that takes the cake

  1. Mehendi is epitome of bride’s celebrations of having a partner in life
  2. Rajasthani mehendi designs are considered most beautiful in all aspects
  3. Traditional beliefs makes applying henna very exciting too, for the Indian bride
Mehendi ceremony ideas
Mehendi ceremony is always favourite of all the guests

Ever seen little girls at a wedding wanting to get their hands painted with beautiful mehndi, ‘just like the bride’? Every wedding will see these PYTs dreaming about the day when they will have their hands full of this temporary tattoo. The resplendent colour of the mehndi powder adds to the beauty of the bride. Essentially it is the bright red colour that brides go for when it comes to their ensemble. Yet mehndi leaves such a gorgeous shade that it can go well with any ensemble.

Bride's mehendi celebration ideas
Once the bride’s feet mehendi is done,Bride mehendi gets complete!

Jaipur, in fact Rajasthan has its own distinct flavour of mehndi designs and colour. The colour of the henna of Rajasthan leaves an amazing shade. The designs showcase the cultural essence of the place. It is most famous for its mirror design mehndi. In this form, henna design applied on one hand or foot is replicated on the other side too. Hence, it is so difficult and intricate to draw. Only an expert designer can be so accurate. This style is so popular that people from across the nation specially call mehndi designers from Rajasthan to their wedding.

Now there are a lot of theories regarding the colour of the mehndi after it has been applied, apart from the medicinal value of this herb in curing stress. Two popular ones are my favourite. One school of thought believes if the mehndi colour on your hands turns out to be dark brown, like blackish brown, it means your MIL (mother-in-law) will love you a lot and that the two of you will have smooth sailing. Taking into consideration the same colour factor, the other school of thought is of the view that it is the husband who will love you like crazy. Whatever be it, in both the cases it is the bride who will have the last laugh.

Piccourtesy: Stylecraze

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Date Published:15th July 2014


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