Pheras in Indian wedding

Pheras  ceremoniously & spiritually bring  the couple together forever!

  1. Pheras is wedding ceremony that is necessarily performed to solemnize the wedding
  2. Read on how to make pheras,extra special

Indian Hindu Wedding has a very important role of Pheras . In a Hindu wedding rituals,bride and groom get the status of husband and wife only when the phera ceremony have taken place.

The pheras are performed on an auspicious time decided by the pandit. This time is usually evening time or midnight time. The entire ceremony takes around 3-4 hours. There is a priest or a pandit who gets all this ceremony performed and during the ceremony the pandit chants mantra in Sanskrit.

Pheras are performed in front of the small havankund where fire is lit .The bride’s end of the dupatta or her saree’s small edge is tied with groom’s edge of an auspicious robe after which they move around the fire lit havankund . This completes the phera ceremonies. The bride and groom’s moving around the havankund, is probably the reason this ceremony has been named as phera ceremony. Usually total pheras are seven in number, which also signify in hindu religion togetherness for seven births.  Fire or agni as mentioned in hindi is considered the most pure element of mother nature, hence it is used in wedding ceremonies.

Indian wedding ceremony pheras has to be planned aesthetically
Phearas, an age old Indian tradition of couples tying the knot unites them forever

In phera ceremony – roli, moli, chandan, kumkum, rice, fruits, supari, sindoor is used. The groom uses silver coin for maang bharna ceremony.Bride and groom swear that as a couple they will take their life ahead towards happiness,always.

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Date Published:16th June 2017

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