Pink City Resort, a wedding venue with a difference is located almost in the heart of Jaipur city. Wedding venue with a difference as it is and will always remain untouched with the fanfare of materialistic appearances. The place as you enter is full of natural and quiet surroundings with very big open space. The perfect green grass with nicely and beautifully planted trees is a sight which will make you fall in love with the place in the first visit itself.

The total land of the Pink City resort is huge. The location of the resort is also very approachable from all the corners of the city. The resort is located in Vaishali nagar area of the city, which is an urban area. The resort has spacious and beautifully done rooms, with pool side view of all the rooms. There are 3 big wedding gardens in this wedding venue and at a time 1000 cars can be easily parked here. There is 10000 sq ft Ac banquet hall as well. Billiards as indoor games is also an option for the guests.


For Mehendi and haldi functions the pool side is usually taken as venue. The look of the building is heritage and hence the wedding events look very royal. Wedding gardens are surrounded by big trees. The building behind these gardens becomes a natural backdrop for the wedding functions. The use of lights makes the look totally different with added grandeur. For baraat procession there is a separate pathway, which is also inside the resort premises. So you can have the longest fun and entertainment filled baraat without any public road interruptions.

Overall this is a wedding venue untouched by any sales promotions and with all the tastes of the connoisseurs of beauty and class.

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