bachelor party in wedding in rajasthan

Let us see what all goes in  a bachelor party in wedding in Rajasthan. This party is purely a personal and a private party . This is the fun part for groom’s friends, his brothers, and all the men who are close to the groom . 

With theme that includes decor, dance, performances, dress code it gets pure maddening fun and excitement . As wedding planners we will ideate and execute your most awaited party of the life.

Now let us see how your bachelor party in wedding in Rajasthan will be super fun.
  • To start with the heritage wedding venues in Rajasthan are very big, huge or just in one word humongous. The bachelor party at one of the royal property in Rajasthan will almost give you the feel of all the princes came together  . All this for a royal fun.
  • How does your bachelor party in destination wedding in Rajasthan gets opulent. First and the foremost is the magnificient scenic beauty of the royal properties in Rajasthan gets woven with the  theme of your bachelor party.
  • The music also is set ,planned in accordance to the fun theme of the wedding. You can plan to have round floor sitting  just as the princes used to have in olden times and enjoying the performances.
  • We can also include healthy mocktails which can include Rajasthan ingredient based drinks.
  • Rajasthani folk singers and performers are world renowned for the fun and high they add to the musical part of any event.

We will plan your bachelor party in wedding in Rajasthan in a classy way and make it most memorable party .

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