Baraat Procession in wedding in Rajasthan

The Baraat Procession in wedding in Rajasthan, also known as baraat nikaasi, is one of the most awaited parts of an Indian wedding. Today, with changing times, baraat processions have become even more thematic and romantic.

In destination weddings, baraat procession are royal, elegant and have a touch of true grandeur. Our team has ideated and executed beautiful baraat processions in many destination weddings. For instance, in one of them, all the men wore authentic rajasthani bandejh chunari saafas (turbans). The authentic saafas looked so royal, that it looked as though a prince is coming to take his princess. Lots of baraat processions also have beautifully adorned and well-trained elephants, who bow down and welcome the guests. It is a magnificent sight. Pipe bands are also part of the baraat processions and play traditional Rajasthani or Bollywood songs. Baraat processions in different cities of Rajasthan are a mark of the typical culture of those cities.

In Udaipur, baraat processions will have men wearing Mewari turbans, Mewari achkans or sherwanis, and carrying small symbolic swords in a silk cloth sheath, and the groom comes in a chariot of eight horses. Typical Jodhpuri baraat processions will have all the women wearing beautiful and comfortable Jodhpuri dresses called poshaks, and men wearing Jodhpuri suits. All the baraatis sit in vintage cars and the groom comes in an open jeep – the look is true Rajawada.

Our team keeps up with recent changes in trends. In one of the recent baraat processions planned by us with our clients, the groom and his friends were on Harley Davidson bikes with goggles, dancing to Bollywood beats. We can provide a lot of unique ideas for your baraat processions, and make it a fun, grand event.

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