baraat welcome in wedding in rajasthan

Baraat welcome in wedding in Rajasthan is one grand princely welcome of all the guests. Here comes the baraat and the excitement is at its peak. Believe us as wedding planners we too can’t hide our enthusiasm and all the fun is at almost at its pinnacle. After all if the groom side is entering the venue dancing, shows that bride will be going to a home full of happy people , so the welcome also has to be special. We , as wedding planners will sit with you and ideate and plan the most happy and special baraat welcome.

Here we are listing few customary things that  make baraat welcome in wedding in Rajasthan so very special.
  • Baraat welcome in wedding in Rajasthan most of the times has customary safa tying ceremony. The brides side welcome the groom side by tying saafa to the men in the baraat . The traditional saafa color used in Baraat welcome in Rajasthan is kesariya color or pachrangi which means five different colors are used in saafa. Kesariya is saffron color. What we take care of is in these traditional baraat welcome that the saafas are of the fabric which are comfortable for the wearer. The saafa tyings are also local artisans. Taking care of these few details give the baraat welcome a truly royal and comfortable welcome to the men of the groom family.
  • The women of the grooms family who come as baraatis are are gifted with Pomcho. Pomcho is a Rajasthani artisans carved bangle. Selection of pomchos , traditional rajasthani bangles also needs an eye for detail. The look of all the women from the grooms family gets so very different.
  • Also the fun is you can easily tell all brides side that they can easily identify the grooms side men and women and whoever is wearing a saafa and a pomcho needs to be treated extra specially.You will see the flow of the politeness , welcoming vibes everywhere in the wedding. Basically a happy start to the wedding and living by the tradition of athithee devo bhava which means guests are God like. All in all so much happiness everywhere.
  • Rajasthan royal people also use red carpet
  • Vintage cars are used to welcome the baraat
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Just visualize how royal will your guests feel when they will receive welcome as royal descandants. We will ideate the best ideas for baraat welcome and your guest will feel more than special.

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