destination wedding decoration in rajasthan

Theme decoration are the norm of the day in destination wedding decoration in Rajasthan. Every couple wants their story to be told through a theme that runs through the wedding, in all functions right down to the décor and props. Your guests will get the feel of the theme from the moment they enter the venue. They should be transported to another world for those three or four days.

We love weddings and want them to look spectacular. Our in-house production makes it easy for us to get customized decoration done in keeping with your dream wedding. In our role as the wedding planners, Splash Events takes care not to go over the top and keep it aesthetic, simple and elegant.

Now let’s discuss specifically how aesthetically big wedding decoration in Rajasthan can get.
  • The first point which is so very apparent is that Rajasthan’s heritage wedding properties can be called close to humungous. Because of the big size of these properties the opportunity to decorate the venue also gets big. You can have flowers, fabrics, lights,props,passage decoration all that you want included in your wedding decoration in Rajasthan.
  • The favourite fabric that is used in Rajasthan’s destination wedding is bandhejh and lehariya. The advantageous part other than the beauty of these fabrics is that they are pure cotton. When pure cotton is used , say for that matter here, in wedding decoration it gives a very soothing feel. Bandhejh and lehariya are close to organic clothes and they merge well with all the seasons. With these fabrics there can be no feel of being overboard in decoration part.
  • Another favourite wedding decoration idea is of traditional blue pottery. Blue pottery of Rajasthan is world famous. Blue pottery uses cobalt blue dye and gives the items a prominent shade to the differet shaped ceramic items. Blue pottery goes superbly well with earth color based shades of the heritage properties of Rajasthan.
  • Theme of wedding decoration in destination wedding of Rajasthan is always royal. Props used in the wedding decoration in Rajasthan are very different and again of fabulous looks. The chhatris/ ghumtis/top round part of these heritage properties when decorated gives a super splendid looks.
  • Entry passage of these heritage wedding properties are also quite big , with walls carved with beautiful artifacts. Decorating these entry passages with flowing fabrics and flowers gives a regal look to your wedding. The guests get a beautiful welcome at the entrance itself.

Our experience of wedding decoration in Rajasthan is full of pretty sights and royal feel in all the corners of the wedding venue.

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