Splash Events,your destination wedding planners in Rajasthan

Wedding planning in Rajasthan with Splash events

Why should you choose Splash events as your destination wedding planners in  Rajasthan?

We have been in the wedding industry for more than two decades. In recent years, our teams have planned and executed more than two thousand weddings in Rajasthan. Also,we started when the wedding industry was at its initial stage. With our experience,we  devised an efficient method for executing wedding events flawlessly. Splash Events has separate teams for production, operation, ideation, creatives, entertainment, and artisans– all that makes an event complete.

With all these years of wedding planning, designing and executing dream weddings has become our forte. In addition, we ensure that our staff is professional and skillful.

Weddings designed by us reflect Rajasthan’s rich heritage. Our creative teams infuse Rajasthani culture into wedding ceremonies. Hence, weddings by Splash events are beautiful, real-time experiences of Rajasthani heritage. Also, being natives, planning weddings close to Rajasthani culture comes intrinsically to us.

Splash Events’ production team customizes the wedding decoration based on your taste. Our skilled artisans make the customization of wedding decorations super smooth. Above all, we ensure all wedding ceremonies are unique. Mehendi, sangeet, wedding decoration, Varmala ceremony, bride-groom entry, and baraat are all made to give a fresh visual appeal. For the wedding entertainment, we ideate as per the preferences of the wedding host. It can truly be Rajasthani theme-based with local artisans. We also provide the means to create a Bollywood or Hollywood feel with performers from around the world.

In the subsequent pages, we will elucidate how Splash Events makes your wedding in Rajasthan so special.

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