Floral wedding decoration in Rajasthan
Floral Wedding Decoration in Rajasthan

Let us understand here ,how is floral wedding decoration  executed in this land of desert. So,floral wedding decoration in Rajasthan is a beautiful reality with our artisans .

Further,we all know that flowers in weddings are a must. The next series of questions that arise are-how many flowers, which flowers, where all flowers should be put. And also cost of flowers and so many more questions. And at the same time we know that without right choice of flowers wedding is like a river without water.

Under All Floral wedding, wedding services we will try to simplify the use of flowers in a Wedding.

In a typical Indian wedding ceremony mostly there are pre and post wedding functions-mehendi ,haldi ,sangeet and wedding .

All these wedding functions use different -themes and variety of flowers.

In Mehendi ceremony we use yellow colour flowers and also marigold flowers . In Haldi ceremony lemon colour marigold flowers is our choice. Picking up flowers for the wedding is job of a seasoned wedding planner with his team of expert florist artists. Marigold flowers strings are our preference at the strategic designer locations with draping of different colour clothes . And the clothes used with marigold are mostly lehraiya , bandejh , green and yellow . The usage of the marigold flowers is according to the wedding venue aesthetics. By wedding venue aesthetics we mean the designs of flowers and quantity of flowers . Wedding venue aesthetics cover venue entrance, the main courtyard, corners of the wedding venue. Marigold balls are all time favourite and always graceful at mehendi or haldi function.

In Sangeet ceremony flowers like roses , carnations, gerbera, orchids are used . The favourite places at the wedding venue where flowers are put up in sangeet ceremony are venue entry, table arrangements and bride groom sitting.

Let’s get to the wedding decoration details now.

The weddings with the difference are always weddings with lot of flowers. Wedding stage, entry gate, pathways towards the main wedding area, bride groom sitting area, food zone, wedding table arrangements and every nook and corner of the wedding venue can be done with flowers only. With all the corners of the wedding venue done with flowers, bride entry with a floral chaddar gives the all the more grandeur touch that you want in your wedding. The wedding vaidee done with all flowers is also the favourite wedding decor area of the couples tying the knot. For weaving the Varmala with flowers and pearls the florist’s artists take almost few hours as it is only the hard work of the artistic florists that Varmala comes out perfect. Varmala can be of rose, orchids or any favourite flowers of the couple.

As wedding planners, Splash events can plan the floral decor of your wedding in the most creative manner under the world famous expert florists from Calcutta.

When we talk about flower power in weddings, our favourite lines from beautiful Bollywood song and we are sure yours too will be “Phir chidhi raat baat pholoon kee,baat hai ya baraat pholoon kee”. Splash events as wedding planners will make sure that your wedding decoration breathes only flowers of all kinds from all corners.

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