Ideally, Haldi event in destination wedding in Rajasthan is beautiful start to the wedding festivities. It culturally marks the distinct flavour that your wedding will have .

Haldi ceremony is most pious way which is traditionally adopted to start the wedding celebrations. In this ceremony, bride and groom,at their respective places ,apply haldi on their neck, face, arms, legs . The close family members apply haldi on bride and groom and sing traditional songs which is also called geet.Decor of haldi ceremony is dominated by yellow, yellow flowers,marigold, yellow drapings and everything traditional.

Now let us come specifically to the elements that make haldi in destination wedding in Rajasthan so very beautiful.

Wedding destinations in Rajasthan are all of heritage look. Golden color dominates the palaces of Rajasthan especially the top part of palaces which is called chhatri in Hindi. Having a yellow theme for haldi in destination wedding in Rajasthan gives the decoration almost a surreal feel . The reason being yellow is the décor, yellow is what bride and groom have put on their skin, yellow are the props and yellow is usually the color of these palaces in Rajasthan.

Haldi in destination wedding in Rajasthan also sees lot of traditional folk songs being sung for the bride and groom. One of the popular Rajasthani folk song on haldi ceremony is “ Mharo haldi ro rang surang” which means the color of my haldi is the most beautiful color . Then the traditional Rajasthani folk artists performing on traditional songs adds beautifully to this interesting ceremony with which the wedding celebrations start .  

The super element added in Haldi in Rajasthan is pure ghee. Ghee and haldi, or turmeric bring a super glow to the skin of the bride and groom. Haldi ceremony is also called tel-baan in Rajasthan. The traditional story that is popular in Rajasthan about haldi ceremony is that somebody whose tel baan has been done will get married happily no matter what comes. Haldi is quite a beautifully serene ceremony to begin your wedding ceremony in Rajasthan.

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