Home Decoration in Wedding in Rajasthan

Home decoration in wedding in Rajasthan plays a symbolic role in signifying the joy and auspicious beginnings that marriage brings. The decor sets the tone for the celebration, transforming the home into a beautiful space where the festivities unfold. Our team ensures that the decorations align with your visions.

Here are the key considerations for home decoration during weddings in Rajasthan-

Customized Themes

The decoration concept is according to the color scheme of your house and the prevalent weather conditions. In the scorching summers of Rajasthan, our team opts for light-colored fabrics to adorn wedding homes. We use flowers such as champa, mogra, and resilient local red blossoms, often covered with natural, broad decorative leaves to ensure their longevity outdoors.

Fabrics for Summer

Given the intense summer heat, we use pure cotton fabric for outdoor hangings, with Lehariya and Bandhejh patterns being popular choices. These fabrics not only enhance the aesthetic but also provide an authentic Rajasthani touch to the wedding home decor.

Traditional Bandarwals

Bandarwals, traditional Rajasthani broad laces, are prominent in our decor, usually outside the entrances, adding a distinctive touch to the overall ambiance.

Aesthetic Lighting for Nights

Nighttime decor involves the strategic use of lights to create a visually pleasing atmosphere. The objective is to integrate the lights seamlessly with the surroundings, ensuring that your home harmoniously blends into the neighborhood scenery, rather than appearing intrusive.

Musical Enhancements

To further elevate the festive spirit, Rajasthani professional performers play customary instruments like shehnai and nagada. The timing and pitch are carefully planned to evoke happiness and cheer not only within your home but also among your neighbors.

In essence, home decoration for weddings in Rajasthan involves meticulous detailing. It creates an immersive and joyous atmosphere for the celebration.

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