Mehendi in destination wedding in Rajasthan

A wedding celebration is incomplete without the ceremony of mehendi. How is Mehendi in destination wedding in Rajasthan super fun. First of all,it is an auspicious occasion which gives the family and friends, especially women an opportunity to come together before the D-day. Apart from applying intricate mehndi designs on the hands and feet , a beautifully theme based decoration, music to complement the day and lots of fun is how Splash events plans mehendi in destination wedding in Rajasthan for you.

Coming specifically to the mehendi in destination wedding in Rajasthan. What makes mehendi in Rajasthan so much fun. We will enumerate few points for you here on the same.
  • Mehendi ceremony is full of fanfare in Rajasthan . The women of the family look forward to this ceremony very eagerly , also because they are in majority in this only wedding ceremony in Rajasthan. Men are there but very few. Needless to mention mehendi in destination wedding in Rajasthan sees most of the women dresses in traditional Rajasthani poshak . It gives quite an elegant touch to start with.

  • Mehendi ceremony venue is usually  the gardens of these heritage wedding properties. These gardens are beautiful meadows and you will feel that you are celebrating wedding in your huge, royal look garden.
  • The fun part starts when the dances begin in the mehendi ceremony. Rajasthani folk dances are beautiful pieces of cultural extravaganza. Ghoomar is always favourite dance of everybody. From the professional performers to family members, everybody feels comfortable with ghhomar. Also Ghoomar beautifully forms the theme for quite few popular Bollywood numbers.
Few more points that make Mehendi Event fun In Rajasthan are :
  • Popular Rajasthani songs that are part of in mehendi in weddings in Rajasthan are chirmi,moomal, gorbandh. Chirmi is song about a tree, Gorbandh is ornament of the camel and moomal is name of the lady love who was madly in love with Mahendra. All these songs are played during mehendi ceremony and are quite favourite songs.
  • Rajasthan’s mehendi from a place called Sojat is world famous. It is the most authentic,organic and pure mehendi that is available in Rajasthan and also to the world. This also makes mehendi ceremony in Rajasthan extra special. Read here about special Bridal mehendi 
  • The food part is mouth watering. Again mehendi ceremony sees special Rajasthani cuisines. You will see ghewar,pheeni,til laddu,makkhanbada,malpua,kair saangri in mehendi party. Ghewar is delectable sweet dish and is loved by people around the world. It’s crackling sweet dish , which women can easily eat even after they have applied mehendi on their hands.

People from all over the world when they come for their destination weddings in Rajasthan plan,ideate and execute mehendi with lot of excitement and follow all the customary traditions of mehendi. We can plan the best mehendi in destination wedding in Rajasthan for you guys.

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