Monsoon wedding in Rajasthan

Just remember you are lucky…it doesn’t rain on just everybody’s wedding day! The Splash Events team will handle all aspects of your monsoon wedding planning in Rajasthan.  Our experience says monsoon weddings are perfectly romantic, fun, and beautiful. Also monsoon wedding is direct blessing from God of Rain.We have mentioned few of the points below, rest of the points can be discussed when we meet in person.

Here are some key points to consider-

Venue: While an indoor wedding poses minimal challenges, an outdoor venue is a firm no-no during this season. We’ll assist you in finding a location that offers both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Theme: When life gives you rain, make it a melody! Whether or not rain graces your wedding day, we’ll plan your celebration with a rain-themed twist. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Logistics: As your wedding planners, we’ll arrange for transportation, ensuring a bus or vehicle is on standby to transport guests to the venue should rain unexpectedly pour.

Food: Warm tea with piping hot pakoras—the quintessential Indian monsoon snack. We recommend delighting your guests with this during your monsoon wedding for a joyful experience.

Rain Gear: No one wants to risk their attire or health for a wedding. Our ushers will have umbrellas to safely escort guests in case of rain.

Photography: There’s nothing more romantic than natural rainfall for a couple about to tie the knot. Our wedding photographer will capture your moments against a cloudy sky or even amidst the rain.

Music: Recall the era when radios played a medley of rain songs, old and new, during monsoons? The magic can be recreated by playing similar tunes, so your guests revel in some rainy fun.

In essence, your wedding will be a joyous monsoon celebration with the Splash Events team.

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