monsoon wedding in rajasthan

Just remember you are lucky…it doesn’t rain on just everybody’s wedding day! Splash Events, Jaipur team will look into all the wedding planning aspects, while planning your monsoon wedding in Rajasthan.

Few of the points are mentioned below and rest of the points can be discussed when we meet in person for your monsoon wedding in Rajasthan.

Venue While an indoor wedding won’t be much of a trouble, an outdoor venue is a complete no-no during this time of the year. We will help you find a place which offers both indoor and outdoor space.

Theme When you are going under the hammer, go singing! You know your wedding is in the month of monsoon so whether it rains on your wedding day or not, we will plan wedding with the theme of rain. Interesting, isn’t it?

LogisticsAs wedding planner we will arrange for a bus or some vehicle to bring guests to the venue just in case it starts raining during that time.

Food Steaming hot tea with piping hot pakoras, it is the staple of Indians during rains. We suggest you to serve this to the guests during your monsoon wedding and you will make them very, very happy with this snack.

Rain gear No one would want to mess their clothes or their health just to attend your wedding. We ensure ushers are present with umbrellas to escort the guests safely in case it rains.

Photographs There can be nothing as romantic as natural rains for a couple about to get married. Our wedding photographer will click your pictures with a cloudy sky in the backdrop or even rainfall.

Music Remember the time when the radio would play all rain songs, old and new, during monsoon? Recreate the magic by playing the same and let your guests soak up some rain fun.

Overall, yours will be Happy Monsoon Wedding with Splash Events, Jaipur team.

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