Photography and videography in wedding in Rajasthan

Photography & Videography in Weddings

Photography and videography in weddings in Rajasthan is very exciting part of wedding festivities. The reason being photography and videography in weddings in Rajasthan is celebration of amalgamation of architectural grandiose this place has . Moreover, it’s only photography and videography part in weddings that save all the memories of the precious moments of weddings . And,nowadays, with advance technology cameras similar to Bollywood , hiring best photographer for your wedding is extremely important .

Let us look sequentially how photography and videography in weddings in Rajasthan enhance the beauty of your wedding moments.

Pre wedding shoot is certainly the most exciting part for all the couples. Furthermore,the latest addition to pre wedding shoots is drone camera . Pre wedding shoots for weddings in Rajasthan are extremely picturesque with its beautiful forts, palaces, havelis, and desert areas.

Mehendi event is again grace and elegance personified event, same all the more in Rajasthan with its pictorial venues. Photographers and videographers usually use 4 to 5 angel cameras to capture mehendi ceremony. The mehendi party festivities have a very royal look with bride applying mehendi and sitting with her friends and relatives on traditional masand and baajot.

In Sangeet event, photographer’s use still and candid cameras to capture the natural poses of the guests. Dance performances in sangeet have lot of colourful lights .Hence only professional photographers and videographers can capture sangeet performances with their high quality cameras.

Varmala ceremony also has become a much customised part of the wedding ceremonies. One of the popular varmala themes is aerial varmala or moon varmala. In aerial varmala bride and groom exchange varmalas at the height of 100 ft. . Programming of the lights and sound is according to the paraphernalia of the varmala theme. Only professional and experienced photographers can capture such intricate use of lights,sounds, decor . They use very high quality lens, drones to properly capture these moments.

Wedding ceremony is again captured with the help of both the cameras-still and candid .Wedding festivities have all priceless moments –from baraat welcome,bride entry,groom entry, baraat procession, wedding decor and so many more which can only be recorded by professional photographers and videographers.

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