The spring time tops the list in being the most favourite wedding season of the people. It’s the fair weather, if this term can be used ,as it’s neither cold, nor hot, nor rainy only the beautiful breeze caressing you at most times of the day.

The same applies to food and clothes. Food in spring season is very light and full of variety like panchmel dal, gatta subji, tomatoe, rasmalai ,malpua. In terms of clothes,you can wear clothes of all pastel shades. They go perfect with the flora of the season. The colors all become nerve soothing to your eyes and also get soul soothing by design.

The wedding decoration will also be light colors with the mix and match of the props that amalgamate and even accentuate the wedding decoration during the spring time.


Please see that it’s not that Spring is our favourite weather but by it’s characteristics itself the weather seems to be spreading happiness in everybody’s life with its colors filling new life in all of us .It’s a nice time plan your wedding during Spring time and you will be pleasantly surprised and happy with your Spring wedding.

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