Varmala in destination wedding in Rajasthan
Varmala in Destination Wedding in Rajasthan

Varmala in destination wedding in Rajasthan has to be extra beautifully planned. We all know varmala is the blissful union of two souls and this moment is remains forever in our hearts. Quite naturally, it becomes extremely essential that the beauty of the Varmala moment should be perfect.

We as wedding planners can say from our experience, the same can be absolutely enhanced by the surrounding decor. Though the decor will always be paraphernalia, but it will definitely accentuate the main moment that has to be celebrated. The trends of the Varmala have been varied ranging from self created background decor to something that is close to nature, cultural or traditional themes.

Let us come specifically on how to plan and execute Varmala in destination wedding in Rajasthan.
  • First exciting thing about planning varmala in destination wedding in Rajasthan is the heritage properties. The heritage properties in Rajasthan are perfect pieces of artisans passion about their craft. The beauty of these properties is reflected in the carved structures, the placement of the structures inside these heritage properties , the perfect size meadows inside these properties , the way nature amalgamates in these properties. So you know now how beautiful your varmala will look even if you stand in any corner of these heritage property.
  • Our team will ideate the exact position where you can stand and exchange the garlands. We also would love to give you varmala that prince and princess look. Our favourite is standing at the tallest structure , and I tell you it is extremely safe standing at these structures as they have stairs and once you are up they are almost terrace like which means a safe height for you. You can stand their and grab the visually enchanting Rajasthani palace structure in your varmala pic.
  • Then with beautiful open spaces in these heritage properties fireworks can be done in the background of the varmala ceremony.
  • Then Rajasthani varmala exchange also is done on bajot. Bajot is wooden small stool with intricate , beautiful Rajasthani artisans carving on them. The bride and groom stand on the bajot ad exchange the varmala.

Read in our blog,Varmala ideas that have been in vogue and few in the list are imagination and dream Varmala themes of the love struck wedded couples.

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