Wedding destinations in Jaisalmer

wedding in jaisalmer

Situated in the west of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is one of the most popular wedding destinations of Rajasthan. Located in the Thar desert, it is known as the “Golden City”.  The desert festival of Jaisalmer is world famous and attracts tourists from all over the world. Here, we will look into the wedding destinations in Jaisalmer.

An All Season Theme Dream

Jaisalmer can offer the most rustic yet elegant themes of wedding in any season.

The campfire theme in winters is the most exciting wedding decoration view. It also gives a cozy archaic feel to the entire wedding affair. The sand in Jaisalmer gets pleasantly cold in summers. Consequently, the wedding experience is subtly pleasant. The quiet night effect and the cool breeze really bring out the decoration, and further make wedding traditions come alive.

One beautiful destination in Jaisalmer is Sam Village. Sam Village has the prettiest sand dunes of Thar desert, and some gorgeous resorts and hotels. When the Sun sets, the desert sand of Jaisalmer sparkles like gold. This has made the city earn the epithet of “The Golden City of India”. As a result, the most popular wedding decoration theme of Jaisalmer wedding decoration is red and gold. The use of Mashaals (fire torches) and Alaav (bonfires) adds to the opulence of the red and gold theme.

The Camel Connect

Camels are found in abundance in Jaisalmer, and are consequently used for baraat processions. Moreover, these beautifully adorned animals wear a special ornament called ‘Gorband’, thus adding to the beauty of the location. Trainers of these camels coach them to dance to the tunes of pipe bands.

The Indigenous Inkling

Langamanganiyars are the folk artists of Jaisalmer who are very popular and loved all over Rajasthan. These indigenous artists are preservers of the ancient art of music. So, they are always in demand for Sangeet ceremonies in Jaisalmer.


There is convenient connectivity to Jaisalmer from Jaipur and Delhi, through trains and flights. The easy connectivity also makes Jaisalmer a favorite wedding destination.

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