Wedding destinations in Jodhpur

Wedding destinations in Jodhpur are reflection of a Connoisseurs' Abode
A Connoisseurs’ Abode

Why should you opt for wedding destinations in Jodhpur? Jodhpur steals the hearts of connoisseurs of history and followers of aristocrat mannerisms. This city is also popularly known as the Sun City of Rajasthan, because the sun rises first in Jodhpur and shines brightly throughout the city. Most of the houses in the city are, therefore, painted blue. This not only keeps the city cool but also imparts a classy look to the city environment. It adds to the hospitality and genuineness of the local people here.

Popular Wedding Destinations in Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace tops the list of wedding destination in Jodhpur. Since many celebrity weddings have taken place here, the place seems out of reach and pockets to the commoners, but that is not true. It is generously open for all. The story of its generosity lies in its history. Maharaja Umaid Singh constructed this Palace around 75 years ago in 1943. It was built to help the famine that struck Jodhpur by providing employment to the locals, on the construction site of this huge monument.

The history of the construction of this palace speaks volumes about its soulful foundation. And that is why, it becomes all the more important and auspicious for soulmates to tie the knot here and exchange their wedding vows.

Next in the list, is Taj Hari Mahal Palace. This Taj property is a 21st century Palace with all modern amenities along with an old worldly charm. Taj properties thus are the best choices in all aspects. Read more about the Taj property in Jodhpur here.

The Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur is yet another very popular wedding destination. This, more than 500-year-old historical monument was built in the 14th century. It was built by Rao Jodha, who is supposed to be one of the founder rulers of Jodhpur. The historical significance of this place makes the wedding experience an absolutely royal one.

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Major attractions

One of the major attractions of Jodhpur is handicrafts. The wooden handicrafts of Jodhpur are exquisite pieces of art. People from all over the world are in awe of these art pieces. These beautiful handicrafts make the place come alive.

Food is another highlight of Jodhpur that pulls people here. Mirchi wada (whole green chillies dipped in whole gram batter fritters) and tamatar (tomato) sev are just two modest ones from the list. It is not easy to escape them, even if you are a fitness freak, because of their freshness and amazing taste. In addition to that, the gram flour in both these preparations make it a protein rich, healthy food that can be had without any guilt. As mentioned before, the list of mouthwatering delicacies that Jodhpur has to offer is endless and there is something to satiate every taste bud.

Scenic Aspects

A few miles away from the heart of the city, the outskirts offer a scenic view with beautiful sand dunes. Often used in movies for romantic dance sequences, these sand dunes sites can make your wedding ceremonies a dreamy affair exactly as picturized in the movies.

Sridevi’s gorgeous “morni baaga ma naache” dance sequence can be recreated for your wedding sangeet as well.

Logistics and Connectivity

Jodhpur has wonderful connectivity from most places – through trains, buses and flights. The world class hotels and their services will surely make your stay super pleasant in the Sun City of Rajasthan.

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