Wedding destinations in Jodhpur

Wedding  destinations in Jodhpur

Wedding destinations in Jodhpur are  reflections of the connoisseurs of history . 

Let us look what makes Jodhpur the heart of all the cognoscente people.

Jodhpur is  famous by the name of Sun City of Rajasthan. The sun rises first in Jodhpur and shines very brightly throughout the city. For that reason to minimise the heat of the sun,  Jodhpur has most of the houses painted with blue colour. Hence blue colour permeates in the air of Jodhpur. Also blue color makes the current city look very classy too. Adding to this Jodhpur also has a  sense of candidness and openheartedness in the air. Overall,the city feel is peaceful, genuine and happy.

Having begun with Jodhpur’s city vibes , now, let us go straight into the list of popular wedding destinations in Jodhpur .

The one that comes first in the list is Umaid Bhawan Palace. The list of  celebrity weddings in Umaid Bhawan Palace makes this place sounds remote for so many of us. In fact it’s not true and we can actually get our wedding done in this world’s,one of the most beautiful palace. Umaid Bhawan Palace is  75 year old palace , built by Maharaja Umaid Singh with the sole purpose of helping the famine struck Jodhpur. As a result the construction of this one of the world’s biggest monument gave employment to the locals. In short the reality is the intent of this palace was so pure that all the weddings here turn out to be extra beautiful and special.

Next in the list of  wedding destinations in  Jodhpur is TajHari Mahal Palace. Again a Taj property the place is almost like a 21st century palace with all the comforts endowed in the most graceful manner possible, to you. For Taj properties, we feel that they are the best choice in all the aspects.

Following this the other historical monument which is very popular wedding destination in Jodhpur is  Mehrangarh Fort. It was built in 14th century by one of the founders of Jodhpur, Rao Jodha who is credited with the origin of Jodhpur. The historical significance of this place makes the weddings strikingly different in this 500+ year old fort of Rajasthan.

Also let us see the things that attract people to go to Jodhpur.

One of the major pull is world famous handicrafts. The wooden handicrafts of varied designs are created in Jodhpur. People from all over the world go to Jodhpur to experience the distinct handicrafts. Handicrafts make any setup look complete and accentuate the beauty. The other is the food. All of us can do anything, mean any effort for food.The famous food of Jodhpur is mirchi wada and tamatar (read tomatoes) sev. The simple act of just writing about these veggies makes our mouth go slurrp. Your guests will find these delicacies equally  nerve soothing . Mirchi wada is deep fried and as fitness aware and enthusiast, we can tell you that it is absolutely healthy to have this mirchi wada. Same goes for tamatar sev also as sev is special kind of gram flour namkeen that is made with tomoatoe puree and the effect is super delectable.

Jodhpur’s outskirts , which are few miles away from the heart of the city,  you will find sand dunes. Your wedding functions at these sand dunes will give movie like effect . The drop dead gorgeous effect of  Sridevi Maa’m’s dance on song “Morni bhagaan mein “,can be created for your wedding as well.

Looking at the logistics aspect Jodhpur is very convenient. The air and train connectivity from any part of the world is extremely good. The world class hotels and their services will surely make your stay super pleasant in the sun city of Rajasthan.

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