winter wedding in rajasthan

Winter Wedding in Rajasthan is the  epitome of romance throughout the wedding ceremonies and celebrations. It’s time of beautiful sunshine and early sunsets. Winter evenings and nights are cold , which are made warm and affectionate with the addition of warm elements . Basically winter wedding in Rajasthan are rich in colors and romance.

Below are the few reasons that make the winter wedding in Rajasthan so very special.

Decor Theme

Our decor theme is focussed towards using rich colors ranging from red, dark yellow, dark blue, orange and many more. As these rich colors bring warmth in the chilly weather . Also these colors enhance the decor and make it very vibrant which is the spirit of any wedding evening.

Lights Heaters, angithis, bright lights add to the warmth in the pleasantly chilly winter weather . Our creative team specifically looks into proper placement of lights which gives the feel of beautiful and warm welcome to the guests.

Food Winter delicacies surely need no mention here as food is obviously one major pull to make the winter wedding warm. You can include all Rajasthani delicacies. Starting from jalebi,to makkhan vada, pyaz kachori,saag,baajra ka kheechda, moong dal halwa . Also,all these delicacies are easily palatable as well in winters.

Flowers Flowers, which are our favourite in the designing of the wedding venue, highlight the beauty of the wedding decor .Specifically winter flowers like chrysanthemum, daisy make the decor almost magnificent.

Clothes In Clothes you will get the chance to pick up bright colors, heavy embroidery, heavy designs which is rare to be worn in weddings of other seasons. Brides need not to worry about cold weather as rich designs, heavy fabric and apparently lights, heaters will keep you warm.

So, if the timing of your wedding is winters you have lot of reasons to be happy about.

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