In addition to the work characteristics of Splash Events, let us look at the things that our team will/can do in Jaipur to make your destination wedding in Jaipur festive like.

  • Splash Events being a wedding planner in Jaipur understands the momentousness that goes in the wedding when done in Jaipur Palaces or any destination wedding venue here, as there is a beauty that naturally flows into the wedding in Jaipur due to its age old charm.
  • Only a Jaipurite knows how to truly explore Jaipur, Shopper’s paradise. We, Splash Events as Destination wedding planners in Jaipur can be your perfect shopper guides for you and your wedding guests. When it is about shopping, there are certain things specifically available in particular cities and quality wise those products are completely distinct and not available anywhere else in the world. Jaipur is famous for Jaipuri razayiaan (quilts), lakh bangles, sanganer print kurtis, bed sheets, and world class blue pottery. All these things are always part of our daily life and when you are able to pick the perfect choices of the same, your days will be ethically nicer.
  • The other activity which adds almost royal fun for your wedding guests will be – elephant polo or camel polo. It’s a mark of grandeur and celebrating games spirit opulently.
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