In addition to the work characteristics of Splash Events, let us look at the things that our team will/can do in Udaipur to make your destination wedding in Udaipur cheerful throughout.
  • As a wedding event team we can provide you with good wedding venue booking options in the major hotel properties of Udaipur. With our team being locals of Rajasthan we understand all the aspects that your wedding venue in Udaipur should have and which will facilitate in a smooth execution of your wedding.
  • Again with our experience and quality of being native of Rajasthan, our wedding event team can give you good wedding venue booking options near Udaipur as well.
  • Galore wedding venue options near Udaipur for pre and post wedding ceremonies.
  • Wedding shopping specifically of paintings for you and your guests. Udaipur is famous for paintings and we can be your shopping guides for the same, the real places which can offer you real authentic paintings of Udaipur.
  • The sightseeing in the city of Lakes as an avid explorer and not as tourists. We can help you arrange the tours where you will get to know the history of Udaipur and what makes the city beautiful.
  • As wedding planners we can introduce you to Mewar culture in the land of Mewar’s. Who would not want to know the history of the place which is world famous for its beauty.
  • Wedding production house in Udaipur.
  • The huge vendors connect for your smooth wedding execution. The real factors that go in making the wedding as planned.
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