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Choosing the best wedding planning website in India is crucial for obtaining an essential and detailed wedding information package. So read on about the best wedding website features!

  • Although there is a galore of wedding websites these days, well-structured flow of wedding-related information is essential for a good wedding website.
  • Websites with randomly listed wedding vendors provide only general information about wedding planning vendors.
  • In the age of Search Engine Optimization and Google AdWords, finding an authentic wedding planner is very important.

The plethora of websites on Google makes it challenging to determine which website is genuine and true to its claims. So, let’s explore the points that make a wedding website ideal for you.

The first consideration for someone seeking a destination wedding is whether they want a wedding planner or wedding vendors. The first category of wedding websites will talk about their work as wedding planners in their respective locations. On the other hand, the other category is of wedding vendor websites. These websites will have all the possible vendors that work in making a wedding complete.

Wedding Planner Websites:

Websites in this category majorly discuss the work of wedding planners in specific locations. They present information in a structured, sequential, and precise manner—covering their work profile, offered wedding services, completed projects, expertise areas, and also showcasing pictures and videos of their wedding events. The information is to the point and substantiated with authentic pictures and images. Authentic content is good quality, no merging, no photoshopping, and genuine videos, rather than slideshows running with audio. It’s essential to visit sites beyond the first visible display on search engines, as quality websites may not indulge in extensive media marketing. Despite the mad rush of media marketing, good wedding planners may not necessarily want to spend huge amounts on it.

Wedding Vendor Websites:

Websites in this category amass information about all possible wedding vendors, categorizing and presenting them on a single platform. These websites help collect information about various wedding vendors.

The choice between a wedding vendor website and an individual website depends on your requirements for wedding planning. The decision is based on the scope of the work you want to delegate while deciding on the wedding planning details. If you plan to organize a wedding within your family, the preferred choice would be the first category of websites, that is, individual wedding planners. However, if you are confident in your ability to organize everything smoothly, but require information about vendors, the second category would be ideal for you.

Happy browsing! May you find the best wedding website for your needs and have a very happy wedding!

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 28th July 2021

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