Big Fat Weddings in Rajasthan

A big fat wedding in Rajasthan have elegance, culture, and a mix of the latest trends, not necessarily extravagant spending! Aspired by couples worldwide, these weddings serve as a celebration not only of tradition but also of cultural shifts.

Contrary to common belief, weddings can achieve grandeur even without excessive spending. Many people dream of being part of a Big Fat Wedding, especially one set in the royal ambiance of Rajasthan. Whether it’s a dream or a must-have, we can help you with a Big Fat Wedding in Rajasthan. Intrigued?

Let us guide you on executing a grand celebration like a pro!

Firstly, fix the date, and the venue selection falls into place. Jaipur and Rajasthan offer an array of venues, from grand palaces to palace-like hotels, catering to various preferences. By securing the venue well in advance, you can benefit from comparatively lower rates than the assumed high prices associated with these wedding venues.

Once you decide your venue, collaborate with your wedding planner on ideating themes for the main ceremonies – Mehendi, Sangeet, and the Wedding itself. Meticulous planning of each aspect of the venue transforms your wedding decor into a visually charming spectacle. Take time with the ideation process, because experienced wedding planners excel in completing the theme with carefully chosen props.

Food is a major highlight and should be nothing short of exotic. Simple tips in wedding catering can elevate your wedding, making it truly stand out. Explore our blog on wedding catering for valuable insights.

Other crucial wedding elements include planning the script for the Sangeet ceremony, choreography, lighting, Mehendi entertainment, wedding entertainment, bride-groom entry, and the Varmala theme. When approached in an original, culture-specific, and methodical manner, these elements contribute to making a Big Fat Wedding a complete and memorable affair.

As wedding planners, we view Big Fat Weddings as a manifestation of elegance, showcasing the joyous celebration within the means of the couple. Lavishness can be achieved by ideating creatively with your wedding planner, ensuring a wedding day that reflects your unique style.

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 21st July 2021

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