Destination Wedding in Ananta Pushkar

A destination wedding at Ananta Pushkar Resort & Spa, in the lap of the Aravali Mountain range, promises an amazing experience.

Key Highlights for a Destination Wedding at Ananta Pushkar:
  • Ananta Pushkar Resort provides a serene atmosphere, offering a complete repose for all your wedding guests.
  • The resort features cozy cottages that add a touch of English charm to your wedding, thus creating a unique and picturesque ambiance.
  • With excellent spa facilities, guests can feel inspired and rejuvenated before the wedding celebrations commence.
  • Situated amidst the Aravali Mountains, the resort also showcases an English architectural style, with separate cottage rooms offering stunning views of the Aravali Mountain range.
  • The star-rated spa facilities and resort services immerse guests in a state of complete relaxation, providing an ethereal experience and a calm state of mind.
  • The architecture and natural surroundings imbue guests with a tranquil state of mind, ensuring a breezy and peaceful wedding experience.

Choosing Ananta Pushkar as your wedding venue is ideal if your theme revolves around relaxation and enjoying a good time. Despite being in Pushkar, the resort offers a departure from the typical royal and traditional wedding settings. Whether you opt for a traditional Rajasthani theme or any other, executing a good decoration plan is crucial.

Splash Events organized a sangeet ceremony at Ananta Resort in Pushkar. The backdrop of the Aravali Mountains added a beautiful touch to the event. Moreover, the natural, English setting of this place is truly captivating, making it a wonderful choice for a memorable and relaxed wedding celebration. Explore our pictures for a glimpse of the enchanting atmosphere at Ananta Pushkar Resort.

Sangeet set up in progress at the lawns of Ananta Resort in Pushkar
Sangeet ceremony set up
Dance troupe rehearsals just before the sangeet event at Ananta Resort in Pushkar
Dance rehearsals before the sangeet event
 Wedding Sangeet Ceremony preparations at Ananta Resort in Pushkar
Prop check by the dance troupe before final performance

Relaxation and rejuvenation will be a huge part of your wedding at Ananta resort in Pushkar! 

Author – Rishi Singh
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 28th November 2017

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