Fireworks in weddings in Rajasthan

Fireworks can make weddings in Rajasthan super special. Celebrate your wedding in Rajasthan with a touch of magic by the splendor of fireworks that add a special charm to your festivities.

The fireworks used in Rajasthan weddings are unique—they are cold fireworks that illuminate the surroundings without emitting harmful chemical substances. This ensures a spectacular display of light that is safe for all.

Using fireworks in weddings requires technical expertise, and this is exactly where the skills of a wedding planner come into play. Wedding planners use fireworks in creative and diverse ways, and hence, turn your celebration into a grand and captivating event.

Fireworks in weddings should be creatively planned
Bride-Groom entry made extra special with the use of fireworks.
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So, here are some ways you can include fireworks in your wedding to make it grand-

For Sangeet events, the bride and groom’s entry can be made thematic with the use of cold fireworks. Aerial fireworks can add a burst of color during performances, creating a vibrant as well as enchanting atmosphere. Also, special effects like a waterfall during the bride’s dance can make the Sangeet ceremony picturesque.

Fireworks can be incorporated during the baraat procession, particularly aerial fireworks that add to the joyous and celebratory spirit of the procession. The Varmala ceremony can also become even more magical with the use of aerial fireworks. These fireworks create an illusion of the sky celebrating and blessing the happiness of the couple, thus adding a touch of romance to this significant moment.

Author – Rishi Singh
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Date Published: 26th June 2017

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