Bride entry ideas in Indian wedding

The bride’s entrance holds immense significance, and above all, symbolizes the transition into a new and beautiful phase of life. Hence, introducing a few subtle yet creative bride entry ideas can transform the bride entry into an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Bride entry has to be special
Traditional floral chaddar, in bride entry
Looking for that perfect entrance to set the tone for your Indian wedding? Here are some bride entry ideas-
  1. Flower Magic: Dressed in royal attire, the bride can make a regal entrance with flower petals strewn along her path. Picture a stunning tunnel of fresh flowers leading her to the groom.
  2. Carried in Carriage: Embrace tradition with a beautifully adorned doli, or instead, take it up a notch with a carriage drawn by four elegant white horses – because why should boys have all the fun?
  3. Caaaar: Opt for grandeur with a stretched-out limousine or a vintage royal car that brings the bride straight to the altar in magnificent style.
  4. Ethereal: For a touch of simplicity and romance, consider a path lit by traditional lamps as the bride walks alone, radiating ethereal beauty amidst the soft glow.
  5. Music All the Way: Create a cinematic Bollywood moment! For example, like in the movie “Main Hoon Na”, you can have live music accompany the bride’s entry – imagine the melodious tunes of a sitar or the rhythmic beats of drums played by a live band.
  6. Zara Hatke: Want to break away from the ordinary and add an element of fun? Then take inspiration from Gul Panag, who had a cool bike escort at her wedding. Drive in, Roadie style, but in the most exquisite wedding attire.

The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless! Whatever you decide though, keep it a delightful surprise for the groom and his family. You certainly don’t want to miss their expressions as the future lady-of-the-house makes a grand statement with her bridal entry!

Author – Anu Bhambhani
Content writer
Splash Events, Wedding Planners in Jaipur
Date Published: 15th July 2014

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